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by Habitual Linestepper

Enough is enough. While Democrats and left continuously claim that trans people are victims of constant persecution and violence, actual people claiming to be trans are attacking and murdering innocent people including children. This is not hyperbole, but literal fact. Those who are afraid to speak up and state the truth about the evil Trans Movement are part of the problem. Those who are cowardly about this issue are enemies of God, civilization, mankind and even enemies of these “trans” people. Truth is the only thing that can help these confused and suffering souls.
The Democratic Party has used the mentally ill, who think they are another gender, as weapons against their political opponents for years now. They have filled their heads with lies and claims that there is a “genocide” happening against them for a very long time. Predictably when you encourage and facilitate the mentally ill further into their mental illness, and give them a false notion that they are in mortal danger, it will result in violence as the mentally ill lash out at those they believe are trying to kill them. It is time to take the gloves off and state the blatant and obvious truth. The Democratic Party is partly responsible for the murder of three children and three adults in the Covenant School shooting in Nashville.
There is no such thing as a trans person. If your brain does not recognize reality, then you have a mental illness or mental condition. These people claiming to be trans are not trans and they were not born in the wrong body. They are mentally ill and need serious spiritual and psychological counseling. Instead of giving them the treatment they need, we coddle them and pretend that the lie they embrace is actually true.
Doctors and Big Pharma pump them up full of hormones and chemicals that their bodies were NOT designed for. Their bodies are not capable of handling safely these hormones and chemicals. It’s not a surprise that these people then experience life-destroying consequences from taking these hormones, including castration, sterility, osteoporosis, blood clots, high blood pressure and so on and so on. The side effects of these drugs are horrific. Our culture is monstrously evil in how we pretend that “trans” people are really another gender than the one they are conceived as.
The Democrat Media is working hard to blame Christians, Conservatives and anyone else they can, except for the person who actually murdered these children. They also will not blame the people who have and are still calling for violence. For example, this week is the same week of the “Trans Day of Vengeance”. They aren’t even trying to hide their hatred and murderous intent.
Jane Fonda called for murdering conservatives just a week ago. She was on The View and LITERALLY said that murder was an acceptable course of action for dealing with Republicans who are moving to outlaw the murder of children in the womb and banning child mutilation and chemical castration of children. The hosts of The View tried to pretend that her words were a joke but in the video you can clearly see that she is not joking.
A professor at Wayne State University openly stated recently that it is “far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.”
They are attempting to blame Christians and Republicans for the murders at Covenant School because Tennessee just recently passed a bill making it illegal to surgically mutilate children and illegal to chemically castrate them. They are correct in one sense. Trans people and Democrats ARE murdering people because normal Americans are banning the genital mutilation and chemical castration of children. The Democrat Media of course will not frame it that way.
The Nashville shooter is trans. No reporter is asking if the murderer was on any drugs or prescriptions, and if those could have played any part in this crime. In particular hormones like testosterone, which increases a person’s aggression and propensity to violence, could have been prescribed to this woman. If so, it could have had an contributing factor to her decision to murder children. The Democrat Media won’t even bother with asking these questions.
Instead, the USA Today and the NY Times were more worried about using the correct pronouns for the murderer than they were about the actual victims. CNN resorted to refusing to use any pronouns for the murderer. They were more concerned with upsetting the beloved memory of the trans murderer by calling her a her. This is their real angle and narrative that they will stick to. The children murdered are a statistic, while the “trans” person is the real victim in this story.
In the Uvalde school shooting, the police waited around for an hour in pure cowardice. Children were murdered while the officers grabbed hand sanitizer. They showed the wretched state of their souls because they were more concerned about their own safety rather than the safety of innocent children being murdered in horrifying fashion. These police officers should be charging into the room with guns ready instead of standing around. It is an indictment of the worst order that this has to be stated rather then known intuitively by everyone. Our culture works to eradicate masculinity and this is the predictable result.
Nashville police instead went into attack mode. They raced into the building with as much speed as they could muster tactically. They didn’t wait around for permission to go after the trans murderer. They went to stop the shooter immediately and children were saved because of their heroism. They sprinted to the sound of the gunfire and when they reached the vile murderer, they shot her until she stopped moving. This is how these situations should be treated.
So how should Christians respond to horrific crimes such as these? As mentioned above, our society has worked very hard to eradicate masculinity, and this includes in the Church. All through the Church we have emasculated priests and bishops decrying the death penalty and working to end harsh sentences for criminals. What is actually needed is the opposite. We need to institute harsh penalties for sins and crimes of violence. The opposite of what our bishops and priests promote is the actual Christian response to such evil.
Christianity is not pacifist. Christianity does not sacrifice justice for mercy. Mercy and justice go hand in hand. You can forgive people of their sins while still imposing justice and punishment on them for those sins. Christians must step up and demand forcefully that our culture turns back to a Christian ethos and worldview in every aspect.

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