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Top Ten Things Almost As White As Keith Olbermann’s Staff

10. The Oakridge Boys

9. The South African Army Officer Corps, circa 1932-1985

8. John Kerry’s annual Harvard/Princeton Crew Race Pre-Party


4. Hall and Oates, if Oates were actually named Hollis Brower Sturbridge III and was a frequent attendee of John Kerry’s annual Havard/Princeton Crew Race Pre-Party

3. Deerfield Academy’s 2011 Mathletes Team* (*Note: I’m counting AZN’s and Indians as “white” for these purposes, but — and I do want to stress this — butonly for these purposes)

2. Alas, we are saddened to know for a fact — Anthony Weiner’s shaven underscrote

…and the number one thing almost as white as Keith Olbermann’s pale-hued crew…

1. The staff at every other liberal media operation

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