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The topic at hand is that I’m really tired of the puppet show’s occupation of the White House. A lucid Joe Biden would have been a big enough nightmare as president. The people who are controlling the empty, babbling shell that resembles Joe Biden really seem to be intent on hastening the demise of the American experiment.

I’m a little sick of it.

We probably don’t have to look too far to find out who is pulling his strings. Yesterday, der Bidengaffer referred to his number two in command as “President Harris.” Just another slip of the tongue or is she sitting at his desk in the Oval Office every day while he’s on the floor trying to not choke on Legos? Maybe she’s got some kind of dominatrix cosplay thing going on with him and she threatens to punish him if he doesn’t call her President Harris.

The Drooler in Chief’s verbal slip-ups are not amusing and they shouldn’t be ignored. As I have written many times, Biden’s age-related foibles are fair game for ridicule because of his job. If he were a Walmart greeter who didn’t know the president’s name we could blow it off. It’s a bit disturbing when the president of the United States can’t remember who the president of the United States is. And it’s very embarrassing when the official White House transcript has to cover for him.

Biden’s babbling is problematic enough. Heaven forbid that we have to rely on quick thinking and verbal orders from a president who can’t even read a script without shoving all of the feet in the room into his mouth.

When Grandpa Gropes isn’t exacerbating the crisis at the border hour by hour, he’s giving buyers’ remorse to labor unions who supported his presidential run. The latest is the United Auto Workers union, which Matt wrote about over at Townhall.

Biden’s only real success thus far is with the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. He owes his predecessor a huge debt of gratitude for that. Team Biden has merely taken an established success that Trump handed them and overseen its natural progression.

Biden’s only real response to the pandemic has been to bark about masks like a seal doing a show at Sea World. Spoiler alert, he’s wrong about that too.

Can we really take four years of this? Or four minutes of a “President Harris” after that?

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