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Interesting number from the new Harvard-Harris poll: “The police” are one of the most popular U.S. institutions with a net favorability 19 points higher than the CDC, 24 points higher than the FBI, 33 points higher than the DOJ, and 83 points higher than Antifa.
That explains why Democrats are out there now pretending they supported the police all along.
Most important issues facing the country:
37% Inflation
29% Economy
23% Immigration
What issues do you think GOP is focused on?
37% Immigration
24% Inflation
21% Economy
What issues are Dems focused on?
27% Jan 6
25% Women’s rights
23% Climate Change
Voters say Dems are most focused on Jan 6 which ranked as the 19th most important issue facing the country. Then women’s rights which ranked 5th. Then Climate which ranked 8th.
Meanwhile, the three issues people see GOP as most focused on rank 1, 2, and 3
On all three of the top issues facing the country, people said they were more likely to vote for GOP on those issues
Inflation: GOP+12
Crime: GOP+12
Immigration: GOP+11
If we go down the list to issues Dems are focused on, we find that even on the issues their focused on, Dems don’t have big leads on those issues:
Jan 6: D+2
Abortion: D+3
Climate: D+5
OMG! Here’s a number that should wake some Dems up: 64% say that rising crime is “the fault of woke politicians.”
A majority, 52%, of DEMOCRATS say rising crime is “the fault of woke politicians”
GOP wants to close the border to illegal crossings, increase incarceration of criminals, and reduce gov spending. Does this appeal to you?
60% total said this platform appealed to them. 45% of DEMOCRATS said this platform appealed to them.
36% of GOP says that Biden’s election in 2020 was illegitimate, but 32% of Dems say that Trump’s election in 2016 was illegitimate.
Really interesting poll. You can view the whole thing here:


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