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Trump is really coming back with a vengeance, folks.
He’s not just setting his sights on running again in 2024, but he’s also got something major in the works for the Republican party that will set the party on a whole new path.
And man-oh-man, will the RINOs be furious – which is exactly what we want.
According to reports, Trump is teaming up with Newt Gingrich to start a new project called “Contract With America” which is focused on a grassroots campaign to help snuff out the left’s recent efforts to dominate small local elections and will focus on 2022 and beyond.
This is exactly what we need.
The project will be pushing a big “America first” message that’ll really zero in on policies that help enrich this country, like eliminating critical race theory, immigration, trade, and school choice.

Perfect, way to go, Trump and Newt.
“Contract for America” is actually a reboot of a project that Gingrich first presented in 1994, which helped Republicans take over both the House and the Senate.
Let’s pray this has the same success because we need it badly.

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