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By Megan Fox

The viral story of the 10-year-old who had to flee Ohio for Indiana that was first reported by the Indianapolis Star lacks credibility by every journalistic standard. I detailed all the red flags in this viral tweet that you can read through. A longer, more investigative piece on this story is coming for our VIP readers (and if you aren’t a member, sign up now, because you don’t want to miss this explosive investigation).

Just as I predicted, this unverified story with an abortion activist doctor as the only source is continuing to be used against Republican governors to play political gotcha. Today’s unlucky governor is Ohio’s Mike DeWine. But if DeWine had any brains he would have called a press conference ahead of being asked the question of How could you deny abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim? and demanded an investigation into the rapist. He is the governor. He should call the Attorney General and the state prosecutor and all the county sheriffs and hold a big press conference announcing a state-wide investigation and manhunt for the rapist responsible for impregnating the 10-year-old who Dr. Caitlin Bernard claims came to her for an abortion in Indiana.

There are questions only the state can get to the bottom of due to patient/doctor confidentiality. Where did this happen? When did it happen? Did the doctors involved — who are mandated reporters — report this heinous crime? There are many questions that can and should be answered, but that no one in the corporate press has asked.
One of two things will occur if DeWine gets serious and goes on offense with this story:
Either way, DeWine would win. Right now, he’s making it possible for the left to continue using this dubious tale as a weapon against all pro-life governors and representatives.

But instead, DeWine waited for the press jackals to hound him about it. He made some noise about the rapist but wasn’t nearly forceful enough.

“We have out there, obviously, a rapist,” he said. “We have someone who is dangerous and we have someone who should be picked up and locked up forever,” DeWine said.

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