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Biden dog poops on White House floor


One of President Biden’s dogs left a mess on a White House floor on Wednesday.

The White House press pool spotted the president’s two dogs, Champ and Major, sitting in front of the Diplomatic Room before first lady Jill Biden left to visit a COVID-19 vaccination site and participate in a Day of Action with union workers in California.

“There was dog poo on the floor,” the pool report noted.

It is unclear whether Champ or Major was the bad dog.

Champ and Major later awaited the motorcade to depart the White House on the South Lawn. Major was reportedly leashed up while Champ was unleashed, albeit stiff and moving slow, according to the pool report.

This is not the first time the Bidens’ pups have faced controversy since they’ve moved into the White House.

Champ and Major spent some time away from the White House after Major had bitten an administration employee. They came back to the White House last week.

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