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Is President Trump a time-traveler?

Yes, I am joking, but it’s fascinating how he’s always ahead of the game and “gets stuff” before anyone else does.

You know what I’m talking about…

We’ve seen it time and time again. Trump will call things out decades before they happen – like he did with 9/11 – and then they come true.

I guess that’s a type of 6th sense that successful businessmen have. You have to be able to look far ahead and anticipate what could happen – good and bad.

So, that’s why it’s not surprising when one of Trump’s predictions come true, although sometimes we wished they didn’t…like 9/11 and also this latest one that’s become a “prophecy.”

Turns out back in 2012 President Trump may have predicted what would later happen to him in 2020.

It’s a haunting tweet of his that he actually retweeted today, so he gets it. He remembers and he sees the distinction.

It’s from 8-years ago and the tweet warns of the same type of “vote switching” in the 2012 election between Obama and Romney that we’re seeing right now.

Here’s what he said: “More reports of voting machines switching Romney votes to Obama. Pay close attention to the machines, don’t let your vote be stolen”

Look, I understand that this feels really disheartening, and difficult right now, but we can’t give up.

This is when we need to fight the hardest.

This is a CIA-style psyop, and they – the media (Fox included) Dems, election officials, and even parts of the GOP will work like crazy to convince you that everything is lost and Biden is the winner.

That’s not true.

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