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Continuing from yesterday, excerpting the Vanity Fair article.
To refresh:
* Peter Daszak funneled money through his company EcoHealth Alliance from the US government to the Wuhan Institute of Virology
* Peter Daszak was also working on gain-of-function research… supposedly in the US.
* Peter Daszak was also working with Shi Zenglii, “The Bat Lady,” on bat virues.
* He claims, or at least Fauci claims on his behalf, that while he was working on gain-of-function and funding Wuhan, and working with the Bat Lady, he certainly did not fund or work with the Bat Lady on gain-of-function!
No siree Bob!
* Peter Daszak wrote the Lancet Statement, a filthily political document that “settled” the question of a lab leak not by presenting science, but by denouncing anyone who asked questions about a lab link as a racist trying to help conspiracy theorists harass and harm Chinese scientists. And he “bullied” other scientists into signing it or accepting it as true. But he hid the fact that he wrote the statement, and hid the fact that he was the primary organizing force collecting the signatures.
More on this later.
Now, obviously, Peter Daszak has a very, very strong personal and financial interest in the virus not having come from the lab of his very dear friend, The Bat Lady.
So who did WHO choose to go to Wuhan to investigate the possibility of a lab leak?
You know who.

In early July, the World Health Organization invited the U.S. government to recommend experts for a fact-finding mission to Wuhan, a sign of progress in the long-delayed probe of COVID-19’s origins. Questions about the WHO’s independence from China, the country’s secrecy, and the raging pandemic had turned the anticipated mission into a minefield of international grudges and suspicion.Within weeks, the U.S. government submitted three names to the WHO: an FDA veterinarian, a CDC epidemiologist, and an NIAID virologist. None were chosen. Instead, only one representative from the U.S. made the cut: Peter Daszak.

Quelle surprise! Quel plot twist!
Okay, so I added that as an update to yesterday’s post.
I’ve read further, and now want to add this:


On January 14, 2021, Daszak and 12 other international experts arrived in Wuhan to join 17 Chinese experts and an entourage of government minders. They spent two weeks of the monthlong mission quarantined in their hotel rooms. The remaining two-week inquiry was more propaganda than probe, complete with a visit to an exhibit extolling President Xi’s leadership. The team saw almost no raw data, only the Chinese government analysis of it.They paid one visit to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where they met with Shi Zhengli, as recounted in an annex to the mission report. One obvious demand would have been access to the WIV’s database of some 22,000 virus samples and sequences, which had been taken offline. At an event convened by a London organization on March 10, Daszak was asked whether the group had made such a request.
He said there was no need: Shi Zhengli had stated that the WIV took down the database due to hacking attempts during the pandemic.
“Absolutely reasonable,” Daszak said. “And we did not ask to see the data… As you know, a lot of this work has been conducted with EcoHealth Alliance… We do basically know what’s in those databases. There is no evidence of viruses closer to SARS-CoV-2 than RaTG13 in those databases, simple as that.”
In fact, the database had been taken offline on September 12, 2019, three months before the official start of the pandemic, a detail uncovered by Gilles Demaneuf and two of his DRASTIC colleagues.

This was our “investigator.”
This was the guy we sent to China, who came back home and said, “Nothing to see here.”
The guy who did not even ask to see China’s data.
The guy who said it was “absolutely reasonable” that China disappeared the data, supposedly due to risk of theft. (Shouldn’t the world have that data in a pandemic?)
And of course– Shi Zhengli lied. The data had been taken offline not after the official outbreak of the pandemic, but just after the real outbreak of the pandemic, when Wuhan researchers and their families started getting ill with covid-like symptoms, in September 2019.
A couple of months before a bat supposedly infected a human at the Wuhan wet market.
Everything’s fine! No additional questions need to be asked!
We can all trust the Chinese government, as well as Shi Zhengli the Bat Lady who would of course be executed by the government if she contradicted them.
Now: About that bit about Peter Daszak organizing the Lancet Statement… but not signing it himself.
That was not an oversight.

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