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by Buck Throckmorton

With Russia throttling natural gas supplies to Germany – which foolishly dismantled its own energy producing capabilities in deference to the climate religion – the impact of Germany’s self-imposed crisis is starting to loom large.
Russian Gas Supply Cuts Threaten World’s Largest Chemicals Hub [WSJ – 6/29/2022]

Last Thursday, Berlin triggered the second of a three-step emergency gas plan that, in its last step, could cut off gas supplies to some companies.

Industrial giant BASF employs almost 40,000 Germans, and because of the natural gas shortage, it may have to shut down its Ludwigshafen plant, which employees about 1/3 of its employees.

Company executives are doing what was unthinkable just a few months ago: considering how to potentially shut down the complex if gas supplies fall further.

Sure, 13,000 people losing their jobs is bad, but how big a deal is this?

Because BASF and other chemicals companies sit at the beginning of most industrial supply chains, their disruption would reverberate well beyond the sector, threatening Europe’s economy at a time of high inflation and slowing growth.A throttling of BASF’s ammonia output, a key ingredient in fertilizers, could exacerbate the world’s growing food crisis, analysts say.

More unemployment, supply chain interruptions, and food shortages…that should play well with the proletariat.
In a post of mine last week about the Dutch farmers protest and the Davos elite, I saw this brilliant response: “So we’ve reached the ‘Some of you may have to die, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!’ stage of elite decadence.”

Sacrifice - Some of You May Have To Die.JPG

The commenter is skeptical, however, that the victims of the green agenda will ever wise up to what their “experts” and elites have inflicted upon them. Maybe, but starvation, poverty, and a cold, dark winter would be very eye opening. The Sri Lankan presidential palace was stormed by civilians two days ago due to the destruction wrought by green polices. Sri Lanka’s economic self-immolation should be a warning, but to western elites it is still an instruction manual.

There are so many foreboding headlines like this one these days.
Germany is rationing hot water and turning off the lights to reduce natural gas consumption [Fortune – 7/08/2022]

“The situation is more than dramatic,” Axel Gedaschko, a German politician and president of GdW, the federal association of German housing, told the FT.

It isn’t just hot water that’s being rationed. In addition to shorter shower times, officials are asking city councils nationwide to turn off traffic lights at night, stop illuminating historic buildings, and go easy on using air conditioners in a bid to conserve electricity, according to the FT.
German winters are very cold and very dark. Politicians convinced German voters that they could dismantle Germany’s old energy network and replace it with energy produced by the flapping of fairy wings. They were successful in dismantling Germany’s ability to produce energy, but they never replaced it with anything but Russian imports. Those politicians have cause for apprehension as a potentially lethal winter approaches.

Daniel Turner - Putin - Greta.JPG

I once had a co-worker whose doctor had temporarily imposed on him a meatless diet due to some medical condition. When I saw him eating a chicken sandwich one day I asked if he was done with the vegetarian diet. He responded, “No, I’ve just decided that chicken is a vegetable.”
Eurocrats are about to use that same logic in redefining “sustainable” energy.

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