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By Thaddeus G. McCotter

Daily, the Biden Administration provides inarguable proofs of how the “woke” imperil Americans’ life and liberty.
The “woke” believe and propagate the lie that America is “systemically racist.” Though some of their more disingenuous comrades deny it, the “woke” loathe America and do not defend her. Instead, the “woke” aim to “fundamentally transform” America. (Interestingly, they don’t claim their aim is to “fundamentally improve” America. Perhaps, subliminally, they realize their limitations.)
In the instance of holding public office and other powerful governmental or private-sector positions, these views are requisite to advancement. And this aim, despite the majority of the public’s dissent, will be advanced. As a result, there is an insidious logic to the “woke” seeking to hold these positions in a country they disdain. Yet, of the governmental positions, one curious fact arises. How does a “woke” American diplomat “fundamentally transform” America? Why would anyone who loathes America for being “systemically racist” seek to represent, protect, and promote the image and interests of the United States to the world?
Specifically, what does U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, think she is doing?
As Caroline Glick reports, during a speech in front of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Thomas-Greenfield damned America as “inherently, irredeemably evil. ‘I have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.’”
Such undiplomatic language about her own country should have surprised no one. Glick reports that Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield issued similarly condemnatory remarks at the United Nations:

There is ‘a direct line from slavery to lynchings to segregation to mass incarceration,’ she alleged. So as far as Thomas-Greenfield is concerned, slavery didn’t end when hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers gave their lives to end slavery in the Civil War. It didn’t end through constitutional amendments, or even during the civil rights movement. America’s ‘original sin of slavery’ continues to have a terrible impact ‘on our people today,’ she insisted . . . [by] warehous[ing] young black and brown men.’

As Glick notes, Thomas-Greenfield believes America remains as racist as it was prior to the abolition of slavery; prior to the Civil Rights movement; prior to the election of America’s first black president.

Unlike the cancel culture Left that opposes free speech and the diversity of opinions, fairer minds recognize and respect Thomas-Greenfield has a right both to her opinion and its free expression—in her private life, not as a taxpayer-employed representative of the United States. When one represents the United States on the world stage denigrating our nation emboldens America’s enemies to attack our strategic interests and global leadership—as former President Obama and now Joe Biden have demonstrated.
Recall how at the meeting in Alaska the genocidal Communist Chinese delegation routinely denounced America by parroting BLM talking points and “woke” canards about “systemic racism.” At that meeting, Thomas-Greenfield (and her boss, the “systemic racism” myth-pimping Biden) would have fit right in with—and could have lent a hand to—the genocidal communist Chinese delegation.
With the exception of some denizens of the U.S. diplomatic corps, Americans recognize genocidal Communist China as a strategic threat and rival model of governance to the United States and, in fact, the entire free world. In addition to the barbarous Beijing regime, murderous tyrannies such as Iran, Cuba, and North Korea also despise America—which is something they have in common with the “Hate America First” crowd of “woke” domestic leftists.
Ultimately, when our “woke” ambassador to the United Nations prioritizes herself and her ill-founded sense of moral superiority over the interests of our country that she is supposed to be promoting and defending, she is knowingly abetting the aims of “wokeness” and unwittingly the aims and interests of America’s enemies. (I use “unwittingly” because, due to their sociopathic ability to justify their every impulsive action to themselves, the “woke” have shown very little ability to recognize the consequences of their actions.)
Again, given the recent history of the Democratic Party, the ambassador’s disparaging remarks about the alleged “systemic racism” of America (her home, where she has risen to one of the pinnacles of power within her chosen field) are less likely to bring a rebuke than a raise from her boss. Once more Glick:

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