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By Larry Schweikart

Much different perspective than what many on our side have from yesterday, and certainly nothing that you’ll hear from Hoax News. But…

Had a call from a friend in the movement. This is his perspective, but I tend to agree with it.

He saw yesterday as a victory of sorts. Yes, Trump lost, but that was expected to most of us.

What was not expected was that antifa or not, patriot’s or not, a relative handful of people sent the elite spudgebudgers screeching like children, running for their basement.

The very people that last summer had claimed Trump was the one hiding out were quivering in their little mask-y clumps, as Lindsey Graham put it, in fear for their lives.

One could almost see him, Titanic-like, donning women’s clothes and pushing men out of the way to get into the basement sanctum.

Here were the “most powerful people on earth” put to flight by a douche wearing viking horns & bearded mogsmogglers who couldn’t threaten an egg

Graham’s hysterical whimpering is very important, because, not bound by the DemoKKKrat “show now weakness” iron grip of Botoxic, HE let on what they ALL were feeling.

In short, my friend argued, these people doing nothing more than barging in and taking selfies put the fear of God into the ruling cabal.

They were embarrassed, humiliated, made to look petty in the eyes of the world.

To such a mob, John Calhoun would have pulled pistols.

This was, I think, other than a few Puerto Rican terrorists in 1954, the first breaching of the Capitol since the Brits in the War of 1812.

(History factoid: Jesus Carter pardoned the Puerto Rican shooters).

By Jove, I think my friend is right.

I think THIS FEELING, this humiliation explains the hysterical overreaction of the 25th Amendment and impeachment today.

Like a bully decked by the glasses-wearing nerd, they had to get back up and beat up some helpless target like a juke box.

While the reality of Trump’s loss–& equally important, the loss of a young woman’s life to a rash cop shooter–is severe, never underestimate the psychological impact of such a moment.

Allow me two historical analogies: in 1940 at the peak of the Battle of Britain, Churchill ordered Berlin to be bombed. It had zero tactical impact, had no chance of materially changing the war but psychologically it struck a nerve with Hitler, who immediately (for the worse) changed the targets, giving the RAF the life it needed. Likewise, in 1942, Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo did very little actual damage, but it terrified the Japanese.

The result was to green light Adm. Yamamoto’s ill-conceived Midway campaign.

Think like a fascist elitist DemoKKKrat. The world saw them run from a handful of banner carrying middle-class people. The most powerful weapon any of them had was probably a vape.

They KNOW how they looked. Hoax News can try to conceal this all it wants, but these puffduffers were chased out of their “own house” by terrifying grandmas. (I know, it is our house–but not to them).

So what impact will this have? I don’t know, but I do believe for the first time perhaps in years, some of these people fear us.

When they are scared, they make mistakes. They act rashly.

And one last positive development from yesterday. Truly our side has had its Gideon moment. We have certainly shed thousands of the less-committed, the “moderates.” No matter which revolution you look at, the revolutionary party ALWAYS benefits by forcing moderates out. It steels their resolve & clears their vision.

This was true in the Algerian revolution against France & in the American revolution against England, where the Patriots sought to force people to choose between them and the Tories, knowing eventually they would win that choice.

So, I’m not here to pump sunshine, but realistically, I saw the enemy flinch big time yesterday.

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