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Thread via Matthew J. Peterson

The very clear (but previously unheard of) trend as we plunge into idiocracy is this:
On any policy, if you don’t support exactly what they want, the left screams that people will DIE or are DYING because you didn’t do what they want. Disagree? You are basically a murderer.

It’s always an absurd lie, of course.
But on every. single. issue. their claim today is that by opposing them YOU are causing DEATH.
Don’t want them to talk to little kids about sex? People will die. Suicides.
Don’t like climate change policy? People will die. Apocalypse. Disagreed about Covid restrictions and forced injections? You were a murderer, remember?
Don’t think we should let our kids die in Ukraine? You are letting Ukrainians die.
J6 wasn’t a big deal? Excuse me, people DIED.
Again, of course, all wild lies. But the tactic is clear. You think a nation needs borders? Heh. You are a murderous, genocidal maniac. People. Will. Die.
Don’t agree about gun control? You are basically they next mass shooter. Blood. On. Your. Hands.
So why is this now their routine political discourse?
Warning: answer = black pill. The cause of death discourse and mass murder blaming is not just America’s retardation. True, it’s a good tactic for adults who lack the capacity to argue or persuade anyone anymore. It=“might makes right” rhetorical bullying that you could call childish except kids don’t do it. No, death discourse and mass murder blaming is not childish—it’s chilling.
What they are now doing publicly is the kind of thing really evil people—abusers, serial killers, etc.—repeat, over and over, as justification for what they are doing and planning to do to their victims. The death discourse and mass murder blaming the left engages in against anyone who opposes them on any subject = what the worst sort of tyrants and their minions always say publicly to justify what they are doing and planning to do to their opponents. If you and your side are causing mass death and murder—
If you and your side are genocidal racists and fascists threatening our very form of government—
Well. The normal rules of Justice gotta go out the window. Norms be damned. Laws be damned. Anything goes if it stops you. Why, bigot? You dare to ask why?
1. If you oppose the left on anything you are equivalent to a murderer. And therefore you and your side—all you death-dealers—are not a part of legitimate political discourse. You must be treated as such. Censored, banned, driven out of society. Second, well. Here’s where it gets a bit darker. Second, Justice will require you to pay for your crimes. Your evil. You must pay back society. And since you and your side supported mass murder and death—well, I’ll leave the proper punishments and reparations to your imagination. Happy Hot Gulag Summer!


In all seriousness, friends. Listen to them. They are preparing. Not for war. But for a great purge and one-party domination, forever.


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