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By Richard McDonough

Naturally, the Democrat News-media Colluders (hereafter “the DNC”) were thrilled when E.  Jean Carroll decided to accuse Trump of rape in the lead-up to the 2024 election.  She did this despite the fact that the alleged crime happened almost 30 years ago (in either 1995 or 1996: she’s not even sure of the year).  This was made easier by the fact that she was funded by a Trump-hating Democrat billionaire, Reid Hoffman.  In addition, she had already explicitly stated that Trump had not raped her and had not committed any crime!

But why shouldn’t the DNC be thrilled?  All their hoaxes against Trump (and the American people) had failed.  These include their hilarious Trump-Russia collusion hoax, their hilarious Lafayette Park Bible photo-op hoax, once again, fabricated on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, their embarrassing Latitia James’ Stalinesque campaign promise to indict Trump even though she had no evidence whatsoever that he has broken laws, the comical and indefensible Alvin Bragg indictment of Trump that has been slammed by leading liberal law professors in the country, the “crumbling” Georgia electors hoax, etc.,

The occasion for the latest propaganda campaign was provided when the heavily Democrat New York jury found Trump liable, not for rape but for sexual abuse and defamation.  Naturally, former Assistant to President Trump, Alyssa Farah, having found a new job on Joy Behar’s The View, tweeted that Trump had been found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation:

Let’s be clear: the GOP frontrunner for President [Donald Trump] has been found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation.  The Republican Party must walk away from this man.  It is beyond morally indefensible.

In fact, nothing about Farah’s statement is clear.  Her claim that Trump has been found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation is flat-out false.  One has to go slow here, just as if one is dealing with children (because sometimes one is).  Since guilt and innocence are at issue only in criminal trials, it is not even possible that Trump could have been found legally guilty of anything. In civil cases, the standards of evidence are not the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of criminal trials but the mere “preponderance of the evidence”.

Further, Bill O’Reilly points out that there is much about this case that is suspect,

Since no [one] knows what actually happened between … E. Jean Carroll and … Donald Trump [almost 30 years ago in a private dressing room], it’s impossible to analyze the initial situation in a fair way. Ms. Carroll’s legal fees, at least some of them, were paid by a man who despises the former President.  The judge allowed anti-Trump testimony from individuals who had nothing to do with the allegations. … No criminal action was involved. … [and] Trump has endured more attacks than any other politician in American history.

In fact, what is really “beyond morally defensible” is that Farrah does not even bother to correctly state that Trump was found liable for damages, not found guilty of anything.  Farrah and the DNC want us to forget that the Democrat-appointed judge Lewis A. Kaplan lowered the standards of a civil case even further in order to “get Trump” by any means necessary.  In normal times, one would have thought that Carroll’s earlier statement that Trump had committed no crime against her would be more than sufficient to destroy her case.  Unfortunately, these are not normal times.  Common sense and reason have long been abandoned by the unhinged anti-Trump crusade by the D.C. “swamp”.

One is not advised to accuse any leading Democrat of rape if you don’t even know the year and don’t have witnesses or confession or physical evidence.  Real evidence, in fact, a great deal of it, would be required for that charge, if one were allowed to bring it.  But this is a Republican; indeed, this is Donald Trump, so a different standard applies.  Somehow a New York jury found Trump liable for sexual harassment and defamation without knowledge of the year of the alleged offense or any physical evidence or witnesses or confession.  It’s a miracle! Of course, Trump’s accusers can already count on a hysterical DNC pushing the accusation every day.”  The walls are closing in!”

This neverending cascade of anti-Trump hoaxes, one after another on an assembly line, is all getting so silly that any fair-minded person would, at this point, have to admit that DNC is simply afraid of Trump. Indeed, they seem willing to tear down our system of constitutional protections in order to avoid facing him in a fair election (if such a thing is still possible) in 2024. There is, however, nothing too silly for the DNC.

This has now gone beyond the past unseemly attacks on Trump and has become literally unholy.  No honorable person would want to have anything to do with this despicable continual targeting of one person for purely political purposes.  Unfortunately, that means that most members of the DNC and some members of the Republican“swamp” have no problem with it. Many cannot control their glee at the suspension of the Constitution to destroy one man and preserve their hold on wealth and power.

Since no one is a perfect person, Trump is not either. Most of his persecutors could not survive the kind of scrutiny he has been forced to endure.  It should be clear to every honest person that the fact that the DNC has repeatedly had to fabricate alleged Trump crimes shows that he is far cleaner than most politicians. Let’s see if Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff could survive this kind of scrutiny.

It is now abundantly clear that Trump’s real sin is that he challenged the legitimacy of the corrupt US elites that are unwilling to give up their exclusive hold on money and power.

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