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You might be thinking, “Only three reasons? I have reasons for days to send the Democrat Party into the history books with the Whigs, the Know-Nothings, and the Dixiecrats.” But rather than spend the next four hours listing 1,099 reasons — including the border and the economy — let’s focus on the main justifications for why the Democrat Party must now end its inglorious run and settle its tab with Satan.
As Whitney Houston once warbled, “Children are the future.” That said, I’m repulsed the Democrats are attempting to force-feed their “GENDER AND SKIN COLOR ARE EVERYTHING” narrative to kids too young to know leprechauns aren’t real. But every night, as you and I sleep the sleep of the just, liberals lie awake, scheming ways to brainwash your children and possibly even recruit them into their LGBT cult.

Yes, I said recruit. Whereas gay people once marched and fought for the right to get married, things have changed. The trans crew has taken over the LGBT mafia and they are actively recruiting. Like the skinheads of the 80s or a creepy cult, the transgender scouts are targeting young, confused, insecure kids who have troubles at home or in school. And lefty parents are only too happy to indulge the whims of their confused or sick children, even kids as young as six years old.
Even toddlers.


FACT-O-RAMA! When I was a teenager, my dad wouldn’t give me the keys to the car, much less a pair of fake boobs.

A former cult scout I know, a hot Asian woman, told me her cult would send her to college campuses to seek out kids who were overweight, alone, and “loserish.” These kids are prime targets for cults, and that is what the LGBT peeps have become.
The trans crowd pretends they “just want to be accepted.” This is a ruse. Many crave attention (duh), but some are as angry as Black Panthers at a David Allan Coe concert. They are cranky because they think “evil white men” are holding them back, though honestly, we mostly just ignore their pleas for attention. We aren’t holding them back; we just aren’t kissing their asses the way the far left does.
The Military
As Chinese soldiers train to slaughter our troops, the American military is looking for ways to make a “female soldier with a penis” feel more at home in his/her/its government-issued camos.
The military that defeated Nazis, fascists, and the brutal Japanese forces is being replaced by “A Band of Gender-neutrals.” High-ranking generals and admirals have jumped on the woke bandwagon and fly the pride flag whenever told to, lest they lose their commissions … as well as their drivers, secretaries, and various other perks they’ve literally fought for. A military that is well versed on how to dig latrine pits for seven various genders is of no use when hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers are pouring over the Canadian border and into Detroit.

Yes, I said Canadian border. DO NOT trust Princess Trudeau. Watch the princess bride himself extoll the virtue of China’s dictatorship and suck up to the commies. He wants to be their ally, their power partner in North America. No one seeks power more than a weak, cowardly man. That “man” is Miss Trudeau.
The Democrats’ military agenda is literally and purposefully making our country weak and vulnerable. They are simultaneously attempting to raise a generation of angry, entitled, America-hating, militant gender-whacks. The commies are at the gates. What do we have left?
The 2nd Amendment
Now would be a great time to remind you that the Democrats want to take your guns. Once the 2nd Amendment is vanquished, the rest of their plan will be easy.
Australia took healthy, COVID-free kids away from their families and sent them to camps simply for associating with a COVID-positive friend. The Democrats are salivating at the chance to frog-march unvaccinated Americans to a camp where we can “reconsider” our “selfish resistance” to an untested supposed vaccine with a growing history of adverse reactions. Obey or pay, plebe.

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