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by Chris Hernandez

As it becomes ever more painfully apparent that the grandiose mantle of COVID in which our modern emperors envelop themselves daily is not a shroud but rather a cloud of deception, there yet remain millions who are now exposed to a far more serious condition caused by a hastily prescribed, toxic antiviral regimen.

As an American populace awakens to the alarming reality that our present emperor indeed has no votes, still many continue to self medicate, gulping down their daily narcotic dose of mainstream media and hitting the psychological snooze button.

The question of how such a shoddy, towering house of cards, built upon an unsubstantiated platform by unstable architects, could remain in place a moment longer is enigmatic to any rational person. Surely such fatally flawed pillars as censorship, violent Antifa/BLM rioting, and mandated lockdowns are insufficient to replace their corresponding constitutional foundations, freedom of speech, pursuit of happiness, and liberty.

Our current emperor is undeniably a man after Nero’s own heart, fiddling with his pen and playing games with children while American cities burn, and so it would appear that our present administration’s blue print belies no logical plan. But could there be one more card up the sleeves of our more dexterous, double-dealing despots capable of propping up their ignoble designs? Is the Stockholm Syndrome their ace in the hole?

As Donald Trump sanely reasoned, the cure for COVID must not be more harmful than the disease itself. Yet today it would seem that the mass hysteria brought on by fear mongering and radical, interventionist procedures is now metastasizing into a more serious psychological condition that in no small degree mimics the dementia of Joe Biden himself. A generation of woke millennials are now being digitally drugged into a Van Winkle-like slumber, wandering in a dream world as the visceral reality of life passes them by. Will they too, like Rip, awaken 30 years hence to find an entirely changed political landscape, and themselves inconsequential, far too feeble to make even the slightest mark upon it?

Hypochondriac middle-class housewives, overcome by dire prognoses and laboring under the effects of a tainted tonic of propaganda, have become modern day Patty Hearsts, zealous converts to the religion of those very same criminals that perpetrated their abusive incarceration. They have learned to love their masks, to long for their lock downs.

With each passing day, blatantly backward policies are heaped upon our precarious governmental structure, yet it miraculously remains standing, growing ever higher in its inevitably doomed ascent towards the heavens.

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