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Plus: The Bulwark, wasting no time, starts making “The Conservative Case for Bernie Sanders”

One NeverTrumper/Bulwark Hanger-On complained that the New York Times still had not covered the admitted politically-motivated, anti-Trump/anti-Republican terrorist who tried to run down GOP volunteers signing people up to vote.

Charlie “3-Wives” Sykes actually stepped in to argue: No, it’s good the media isn’t covering that, because it’s not a big enough story. We have important stories to cover like Orange Man Bad, which hasn’t gotten enough coverage the last three years.

Even this c*cked-out, tucked-under sissybitch feels the need to distance himself from his political ally’s nigh-open support of leftist violence against conservatives:

As a friend says: how much of a leftwing sycophant and c*ck do you have to be to get Ramesh Ponuru to say “Nah, Brah”?

The Bulwark mentions the mentally-ill man who ran down a body of mostly-antifa supporters in Charlottesville three fucking years ago, killing one person, about once every two weeks.

They just can’t stop talking about The Charlottesville Massacre.

That’s a Politically-Motivated Run-Down story from three years ago — with an assailant who was too mentally ill to really be said to be operating with normal political motives — and The Bulwark still covers it as if it happened this past weekend.

But now comes a leftwinger — and Charlie Sykes political ally — attempting to murder GOP volunteers just for signing people up to vote, and Charlie Sykes says, “No, we shouldn’t be covering leftist attempts to murder Republicans.”

I guess Republican lives just aren’t worth anything to the Bulwark Boyz.


A friend says, “Somebody should ask him if he’s going to hire the van driver to write at The Bulwark.”

Why not? They’ve added every other otherwise-unemployable misfit and nitwit.

I’m sure Pierre Omidyar can set aside a little extra money to land this outside-the-box thinker and self-starter.

As a wise man said:

They hate you, too. They’re attacking me so they can get to you next.

Kind of hard to rebut Trump when you’re publicly declaring that a few broken Republican bodies are no big deal compared to the Greater Good of attacking The Bad Orange Man.

Is today the day you’re paid to suck Pierre Omidyar’s d**k, Charlie, or is it Bill’s day today?

Are you sucking George Soros’ d**k today, Charlie? What’s his ass taste like?

You nasty, vile, fat, old gay-for-pay bathhouse hustlers.

By the way: Do you guys think that the Bulwark has already worked out its schedule for “slowly, reluctantly” accepting Bernie Sanders, a communist, as the “true conservative” in the race?

Do you think they’ve already planned out their first tentative ventures in this line? Do you think they’ve assigned writers to cover the various ways in which the communist Bernie Sanders is truly “conservative,” on a deeper level?

Because I do.

Even this pathetic c**k is saying that some, ahem, “principled” conservatives are going to start working hard to “justify” supporting Bernie Sanders.

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