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The sleazy, pro-censorship pack of liberal employees of media corporations united last night to attack @mtaibbi — as they do to any journalist who breaks a real story about real power centers — and, because they were so desperate to discredit it, showed what they are. Watch:




First, click on this link. Just click it. You’ll see how these liberal media employees operate as a hive mind, an in-group pack, reciting the same phrases on cue. They have no novel thoughts. They’re Democratic Party activists who unite as pack animals:

Second, as usual, these people – who demand the power to censor the internet to protect you from disinformation – are the most frequent and casual liars.
More than I can count made this false claim: @mtaibbi admitted there was no government involvement, contradicting @ElonMusk


Go look and you’ll see the whole mindless liberal pack making this point: “LOL, Elon claimed there was government involvement when Taibbi admitted in tweet 22 there’s none.”
Now, look at Taibbi’s tweet: he’s saying there’s no evidence of foreign government involvement, not US:

You have to be either extremely stupid or extremely dishonest to think Taibbi was saying he found no evidence of US political officials involved.
The whole point of the story is that Biden officials and Dem politicians pressured Twitter to censor. Taibbi said it over and over. In fact, the tweet they’re pointing to – to claim @ElonMusk lied by saying Dem officials were involved – says the opposite.
That’s the whole point! Twitter lied when saying they censored this story because the docs were hacked by Russia. They know there was no evidence of this!


Do you see how casually these liberal media people lie? They’re monkeys; they see others in their clique saying it, so they start mouthing it.
They don’t understand the key point Taibbi’s story: Twitter’s “foreign govt hacking” pretext for censoring was a lie, and they knew it.


Third, we have the personal attacks on Taibbi – from all the people who could not match his journalistic accomplishments if they had 100 lives to try.
Again, the more big stories you break, the more these frauds – who just repeat what CIA and Google tell them to say – hate you.


It’s always the same thing with these people who know they break no stories and live in a mindless liberal herd: oh, “they used to be so good, the downfall is so sad, etc.”😢
Their lives are only about serving the Dem Party. That’s the only metric they know for “good journalism”
The reason these people insist Taibbi’s story is trivial is they will not and cannot recognize any scandalous or improper behavior by leading Dem politicians. Ask them to name any. Any critique of leading Dems is automatically, to them, a fraud, a “nothingburger.” They’re Dems. The most pitiful part of their attack is the utter lack of self-awareness. They claim Taibbi serves power.
The hegemonic force in DC, Hollywood, academia, the US Security State, and corporate media is DNC liberalism: them. Their lives are about nothing but servitude to power.

When they unite for their melodramatic routine about how “sad” it is to see our “downfall” (😢) what they mean is they know we harbor contempt for their hegemonic liberal institutions. We have always regarded CIA, Wall St, corporate media with scorn and still do: that’s them.
Do any of these fucking posers on the liberal-left ever wonder why CIA worked with their favorite corporate media employees (@NatashaBertrand) to sabotage Trump, not Biden? Do they ever ask why corporations and Big Tech follow commands from Media Matters, not right-wing groups? It’s because – as devastating as it is to their self-image as brave dissidents and radicals – nobody in any power center regards them as threatening. They’re their servants, useful tools for these institutions of power. No Dem politician or group would be censored by Big Tech.




Watching little obedient dweebs at NBC, CNN and the Daily Beast claim Matt Taibbi is a servant to power is the most brazen case of projection I’ve ever seen.
Taibbi spent his career and still does exposing Wall St and CIA’s lies (Russiagate). They are their loyal mouthpieces. Finally, don’t let the mindless chirping of disinformation agents in the largest corporate media outlets distract from what these docs reveal.
That’s what they’re trying to do: turn themselves into a sideshow of clichéd insults to train their followers to believe this is trivial
These docs show what we already knew, but offer new, specific proof:
1) Dems explicitly demand more censorship from Big Tech.
2) Dems have an open line to do it.
3) Twitter knew it was lying when censorsing the Biden story days before the 2020 election

This is the biggest media scandal in a decade. Most major media outlets united to disseminate an absolute lie concocted by the CIA: the Biden archive was “Russian disinformation.”

The lie was obvious. Here’s what I said a week after the NY Post’s story:
I’ve been covering this story for almost two years. Remember: I quit the media outlet I co-founded when they censored my story based on the CIA’s lie – which @theintercept had ratified and laundered the week before – because anyone who wanted to could see what was going on then.

Not one media outlet that spread this CIA lie – that everyone knows is a lie – has admitted that they did this or explained what happened. That’s because they lied on purpose.
And that’s why these media employees are so enraged at Taibbi: they hate being reminded of their fraud. Last night after Taibbi reported these, I went live on Rumble – from our new studio for our soon-to-debut live Rumble program – to analyze and reconstruct the full events. The story deserves way more attention than it will get from media propagandists. (…) Never forget the person they chose to start this lie: the single worst and most dishonest US Security State propagandist in corporate media, @NatashaBertrand, who got promoted and promoted and promoted again the more she lied. Lying is how one advances in liberal corporate media.


To claim it’s dubious or even debatable that the Democratic Party uses its political power over Big Tech to force them to censor as Dems demand is wretched propaganda. Dems do exactly this — explicitly and out in the open: censor or we will punish you. (…) Last point: reducing NY Post’s reporting to Hunter Biden’s sex life and drug use is pitiful.
I’ve always said that’s irrelevant. The stories were about Joe Biden’s sleazy business dealings in Ukraine and China.
If the archive was trivial, why did they all lie to censor it?




But at this point, the real story long ago ceased being about the contents of the Biden archive itself.
The real story is how the CIA, corporate media and Big Tech all united to spread a CIA lie and manipulate the 2020 election by using it to censor reporting about Joe Biden.

Listen to Mark Zuckerberg himself explain who influenced Facebook’s decision in Oct. 2020 to announce — through lifelong Dem Party operative @AndyMStone — that FB would algorithmically suppress the NY Post’s reporting on the Biden family’s businesses:

By the way, it was barely a month ago when @lhfang and @kenklippenstein published new blockbuster documents proving Homeland Security plays a direct role in Big Tech’s censorship decisions.
The same people attacking @mtaibbi’s story attacked this, too:


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