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Don’t you wonder how these folks can just travel from protest to protest all across the country? Oh that’s right, we don’t have to wonder, we know they are paid. We broke the story about a list of payouts to protesters, showing organizers were paid by the Soros-supported group, Missourians Organizing for Reform And Empowerment (MORE). We also reported on how protesters were mad that some were paid while others had not received their checks. Those angry protesters protested MORE on May 14, demanding that MORE ‘Cut The Checks’.

“Those of us vested in Cleveland’s success should not follow the pattern and practices of those outside instigators who looted, destroyed businesses, and [committed] other crimes that ruined inner-city neighborhoods in Ferguson and Baltimore,” said David Malik, a civil rights lawyer.

Perhaps Malik should watch out for these guys, when they show up, riots tend to follow…

Here’s Deray McKesson bragging how he’s on the cover of the Baltimore Sun showing him in the middle of protesters at the Cleveland Justice Center. He’s the small character in the blue vest in the middle:

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