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by Ned Ryun

It’s time for more of the American people to disabuse themselves of the belief that there is any goodness left in the Department of Justice or the FBI. They are no longer the good guys fighting for justice or the guardians of the rule of law, as Hollywood has been portraying them for years. Those days are long gone. What those institutions are is the exact opposite of goodness.
They’re nothing less than the Administrative State’s Praetorian Guard, the ruling class’ personal bodyguards, intelligence gatherers, and intimidators. They aren’t protecting the rights of the American people, and haven’t done so for decades. But they are hell-bent on attacking their political enemies, protesting parents, and anyone who dares get in the way by questioning whether justice is truly taking place.
People suppose that it’s just top level management that is corrupt, that’s it’s just the seventh floor at the FBI or the AG’s office. If that were the case then why haven’t more of the tens of thousands of employees of those institutions come forward as whistleblowers? It’s a serious question. One would think that if there was any goodness—or professional or personal honor—left in either of those institutions the people there would speak up. But they really haven’t because these institutions have become altogether corrupt. They are not interested in the equal application of the rule of law so much as in arresting “domestic terrorists” in the form of concerned moms. They would rather take on these “hardened criminals” than tackle any one of the myriad actual crimes being committed in this country every day.


Think about it: if you do not submit to what the ruling class wants, whether you’re Donald Trump or a concerned parent, these supposed guardians of the rule of law will try to frame you with false conspiracy theories or show up at school board meetings, menacing people into silence. They will break down your door like they recently did to James O’Keefe and take evidence harmful to their cause. Then they will spill the beans to any leftist media outlet they can (of which there are so many to choose).

What should concern all Americans, regardless of political persuasion, is that there are no limits to the Justice Department and FBI’s abuse. They spent four years searching for dirt on the sitting president of the United States, only for their so-called evidence to be revealed as a hoax. They needed only the slimmest excuse to do what they wanted to abuse the FISA process to attack a political enemy whom they viewed as an existential threat. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that if they’re willing to target the duly elected president of the United States they’re more than willing to target innocent everyday citizens.
Some of us, myself included, started to realize five years ago that something was very wrong with the Justice Department and the FBI.  Now, it’s become abundantly clear to a lot of people how they really operate. That is why the FBI and Justice Department should cease to exist in their current forms, if they should even exist at all.

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