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by Jordan Schachtel

Prior to Covid Mania, it was somewhat common wisdom to receive claims advanced by major drug companies with necessary skepticism, especially drug companies with a track record of a multi billion dollar fraud settlement.
On Tuesday, Pfizer released its latest revenue numbers, with the drugmaker posting another quarter of massive revenues and profits granted through the taxpayer funnel.

The drugmaker is set to end the year with an estimated $100 billion in revenue, with around one-third of its government handout cash being net income. Additionally, almost all of its net income will have come from its mRNA experimental gene therapy shots and Paxlovid, the Covid-19 oral pill best known for its “Paxlovid Rebound” side effects.
Miracle cure it is not. Pfizer is already recommending your 5th and 6th doses for its once-claimed immunizing “vaccine” — the mRNA COVID shot — that doesn’t currently work. And now they’re pivoting to the subscription model.
In his sales call to shareholders, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla made it clear that his company is moving to the subscription model in order to sustain revenues years into the future. If Pfizer was focused on its customer’s health, they have a strange way of showing it. For example, the company has completely discarded safety concerns, as its latest booster was infamously only tested on mice.
Over the course of 2021 and 2022, Pfizer’s failed mRNA experiments have met additional scrutiny. Most notably, these injections are now strongly associated with an increased risk for blood clots and myocarditis.

Myocarditis can cause the heart to weaken and it can lead to a condition called cardiomyopathy.
Lucky for you, if your Covid-19 vaccine caused cardiomyopathy, Pfizer has a pill for that!
Pfizer’s Vyndaqel, the cardiomyopathy drug, recorded sales of $602 million in the quarter, which is up a stunning 29% year over year. Why are so many more people buying this drug? That question alone should raise some eyebrows.
Anyway, did that 5th booster dose give you a nasty blood clot?
Well, you’re in luck again!
Pfizer sells Eliquis to treat blood clots!
The anticoagulant medication brought in $1.46 billion this quarter, up 15% year over year.
Pfizer is the perfect example of a company that has been rendered completely unaccountable thanks to its partnership with the U.S. government.
Of course, there is no evidence that Pfizer intended on making its patients sick with its failed mRNA “vaccines.” However, it’s become clear that Pfizer executives simply don’t care about the dangers of its failed products.

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