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CBS The Late Show host Stephen Colbert was in full activist mode for his Wednesday show as he attacked Mehmet Oz on abortion and Tudor Dixon on sexually explicit material in school libraries. For good measure, he also opened the floor to The 1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones to attack conservatives generally.

That Colbert, and the rest of the media, keep trying to make media keep trying to make the standard GOP-federalism argument into a gaffe says more about them than it does about Oz. Colbert would continue to reveal more about himself as he shifted to the Michigan gubernatorial race.
He played a video of Dixon arguing that “pornographic” material should not be included in school libraries. That seemingly obvious point was flippantly dismissed by Colbert, “Ah, yes, childhood. We all have happy memories of bedtime, when you’d get in your PJs, grab a glass of water, head on down to the bus stop for a bedtime story from a drifter named ‘Shambles.’”

A third clip of Dixon showed her decrying “What these parents are talking about are not textbooks that will help children learn about themselves. These are books that are describing to children how to have sex.”
Again, Colbert dismissed the idea, “She’s right. We looked it up, and there are a lot of classic children’s books teaching kids about doin’ it. There’s Where the Wild Things BoneIf You Give a Mouse Some Nookie, and Green Eggs and Butt Stuff.”

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