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by Sundance

Prior to departing the airport in Washington DC, President Trump paused to deliver brief remarks to the assembled media following his persecution on behalf of a corrupt regime.  WATCH: 

Always reserved to honor. Always deliberate in brutal honesty.  Always professional, even in pragmatic approach!

Inasmuch as it is infuriating to see our great constitutional republic being shredded by the leftists, Marxists and overt communists that have infiltrated the institutions of political power, I must say there is just something incredibly inspiring about how one man, Donald John Trump, is willing to face down this entire system on our behalf.

I do not meter these words lightly.  This is an era of incredible consequence in the history of our nation, and one man is standing in the gap to persevere against almost insurmountable odds.   None of us alone could face the severity of this opposition and yet retain this level of internal fortitude.  There is something much larger than us protecting, guiding and providing this inspiration.

President Trump is facing down much more than a well-fortified corrupt political enterprise; he is standing in front of us against a collective force of intent that would crush any other person.  We bear witness to the most remarkable and inspiring act of internal strength, transferred through a vessel, into something far greater than the ordinary perseverance of men could accomplish.

Let there be no doubt, all of the lesser men attempting to play their various roles in republican opposition to candidate Trump – are small.  There should be a collective shame upon those who cannot set aside their need for affluence and unite behind Donald Trump.   No man is a monolith unto himself, but in this era – against this enemy, those who claim to stand for righteousness and yet challenge the one true warrior in our national arena, reduce themselves to insignificant gnats in the annals of history.

I am damn proud of Donald John Trump.

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