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Based on New York Times reporting, Jon Gruden broke at least seven of the woke religion’s 10 commandments. His damnation to unemployment and disgrace was inevitable. He’s a sinner cast into the fiery hell of cancel culture. The woke religion disavows forgiveness and mercy. The woke cult prefers retribution for thought crimes.
Gruden is a high-profile symbol of the consequences of disobedience to the woke.
Monday night he resigned from his position as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. He resigned amid an investigation into private emails he wrote while working for ESPN as its lead broadcaster on “Monday Night Football.” Gruden frequently emailed Bruce Allen, an executive with the Washington Football Team at the time. The NFL has been investigating owner Dan Snyder’s football team for a couple of years. During the course of its review of emails of Washington employees, the league discovered Gruden’s emails to Allen. The emails were written over the course of about 10 years and seemingly stopped in 2018 when Gruden left the broadcast booth to become head coach of the Raiders.
Late last week, while DeMaurice Smith faced a vote regarding the future of his tenure as executive director of the NFLPA, the Wall Street Journal reported that Gruden wrote an email to Allen that called Smith dumb and ridiculed Smith’s big lips. Corporate media quickly framed Gruden’s lip comment as racist. Smith just as quickly framed himself as a victim of a race crime and garnered the necessary votes to stave off removal as executive director.
But let’s review the seven woke commandments Gruden violated with his emails, according to the New York Times.
1) Thou shalt not disparage Barack Obama. The Times revealed Gruden criticized President Obama during his 2012 re-election campaign. This is an explosive revelation. A U.S. citizen criticized a presidential candidate.
2) Thou shalt not push back against the Big Lips Matter movement. Big Lips Matter is the DeMaurice Smith faction of the Black Lives Matter movement. Many white women, particularly Instagram models and the actress Angelina Jolie, passionately support Big Lips Matter.

3) Thou shalt not question hiring practices based on sexual and gender identity. Gruden apparently felt NFL commissioner Roger Goodell overstepped his authority when he pressured former Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft Missouri defensive end Michael Sam because Sam is queer. Gruden also isn’t a fan of the NFL’s policy of fast-tracking women through the referee process so the league can have more female refs.
4) Thou shalt not disagree with national anthem protesters. Gruden said that Eric Reid, a prominent anthem protester, should be fired.
5) Thou shalt not look fondly upon bare female breasts. Gruden and his male friends exchanged pictures of topless women via email. Most men do this via text string. At least that’s what I’ve been told.
6) Thou shalt not speak honestly about Joe Biden. Gruden called Biden a “nervous clueless p—y.” Seems a bit harsh. President Biden never seems nervous to me. He seems sedated.

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