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by Ace

Who could have predicted this, apart from every genuine conservative and anyone who’d had even a passing acquaintance with Joe “They gonna put y’all back in chains” Biden?
They did the same with Hillary Clinton, of course — somehow overlooking all of her proven corruption, mendacity, and evil while never shutting up about every defect, real or imagined, of Trump’s.
And now they bleat — but how could we have known?!?!

Stephen Hayes
Joe Biden’s speech yesterday was filled with misleading comparisons, cheap demagoguery & false claims. The worst of his presidency – from the guy who claimed unifying the country is in his “whole soul.”
We opened today’s Morning Dispatch for our analysis.

His rhetoric was unbelievably inflammatory. And Biden has a history of inflammatory racial comments. Remember “Put you all back in chains”? He made that comment about the Romney/Ryan ticket. Yes, Romney/Ryan.
— David French (@DavidAFrench) January 12, 2022

As Twitch notes, linking a Tweet from @danieltobin, here was Right Reverend French gushing over the man he helped put into office through crooked means:

I’m still waiting for someone to mash-up Biden’s speech about wanting to “heal America’s whole soul” with his nasty divisive race-baiting from two days ago.
Did the NeverTrumpers really believe that Mr. “They gonna put y’all back in chains” wanted to “heal America’s whole soul”?
Or were they just paid to say that?
Let’s face it, none of these individuals is exactly overburdened by talent or skills that could be put to economic use. And none of them are young enough to develop new ones.

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