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By Shane Harris

Conservatives looking to expose the full extent of the Biden family’s corruption have a problem: the scandal might be too big to break.

Typically, there are three main entities involved in taking down a politician over a corruption scandal. First, there is the media, which broadcasts the details of the scandal, eroding public support. Second, there is law enforcement, which investigates and, if necessary, presses criminal charges. Third, there is the party establishment, which ultimately abandons the politician as a matter of self-preservation, signaling that it’s “game over.”

But what happens when a scandal is so big that the people responsible for breaking it are implicated in it as well?

That is the situation which now faces the mainstream media, the federal intelligence bureaucracy, and the Democrat Party. For years, they have all parroted Biden’s lies and created an echo chamber of denial about wrongdoing by the president and his family. Now, with it all beginning to crumple around them, they’re seeing that the downfall of the president spells the end of their own reputations and careers as well.

Motivated by self-preservation and in a desperate effort to sustain Biden politically, then, they are doubling down on their complicity in Biden’s wrongdoing by continuing to try to cover it up. As House Republicans investigating the matter have released one bombshell report after another, the liberal media have simply refused to report it, while top intelligence officials have denied any responsibility and Democrat leaders have claimed the whole thing is a farce.

But in recent weeks, new shocking allegations have made this strategy increasingly untenable.

Earlier this month, for example, Senator Chuck Grassley unveiled new documents appearing to show evidence of $5 million payments to both Joe Biden and his son Hunter from Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company where Hunter previously held a board seat despite having no experience in the industry. That same day, two IRS whistleblowers claimed that the Department of Justice and the FBI interfered in the investigation into Hunter’s criminal wrongdoing.

This past week, Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he had “no knowledge” of his son’s business dealings while he was vice president also continued to crumble. Devon Archer, a longtime friend and former business partner of Hunter Biden, is expected to testify this week that he and Hunter repeatedly spoke with then-vice president Biden about their business activity. In another shocking turn that further shows the panic setting in for team Biden, news broke on Sunday that the Biden Justice Department is pushing for Archer to report to prison for a guilty verdict in an unrelated case, a move Archer’s lawyers say is a clear intimidation tactic.

Back in May, a House Oversight Committee report also found that the Biden family received more than $10 million in payments from foreign businesses (mostly during Biden’s time as vice president) as part of what committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) called a “scheme to peddle influence from 2015 to 2017.”

All of this has the makings of the biggest scandal in U.S. political history. Yet as AMAC Newsline reported last week, less than half of Americans even know about it. The story is virtually absent from the pages of The Washington Post and The New York Times, while outlets like CNN and MSNBC are engaged in a coordinated reporting blackout.

Although partisan loyalty to Biden likely has something to do with the silence campaign, the mainstream media also undoubtedly understands that they have played a primary role in suppressing this scandal from the start.

Ahead of the 2020 election, they engaged in a relentless effort to discredit the New York Post’s bombshell story about the infamous laptop that provided clear evidence of the Biden family’s corruption. Even once they quietly admitted the laptop was authentic over a year later, the liberal press still defended the president against any wrongdoing – again recognizing that they were now implicated in an even larger scandal.

Now, the media is desperately trying to distract from the mounting evidence against the Biden family by insisting the whole story is just about a father caring for his drug-addicted son. They know that as soon as the scandal becomes real, they will lose what little credibility they have left.

The media’s chief collaborator in discrediting the case against the Bidens was the intelligence bureaucracy and federal law enforcement officials. IRS whistleblower testimony in June revealed that the FBI had verified the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop in 2019 – meaning that the nation’s top cops knew the story was legitimate during the 2020 election cycle, but allowed the media to discredit it anyway.

Senate Republicans have also alleged that the FBI has throughout Biden’s presidency refused to turn over evidence of the First Family’s corruption, including by redacting documents showing a $5 million payout to the president from a Burisma executive.

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