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Caleb Howe:

The media really works hard for Hillary. I know, liberals think that she gets it harder and worse than anyone else ever, but that’s because liberals are so absolutely comfortable in the media’s bias in their favor that they have no perspective. Criticism of any kind, even when clearly deserved and the news is impossible to ignore (classified emails), is seen by leftists and Democrats as the media being harsh and overly critical. Nothing short of 24/7 praise and softball interviews satisfies them, because that is what they have come to view as normal.

So disregard their opinion. Hillary has the media on her side. Their biased language, like calling the bathroom invasion in North Carolina a matter of LGBT “rights”, works in her favor, obviously. Default Dem bias naturally defaults to her. But the press go above and beyond that in the quest to put Hillary in the White House.

For a recent example, notice the way they swallowed and then regurgitated the absolutely preposterous “overheated” line from camp Clinton when she collapsed in New York City. Any Republican who feebly crumpled like that (think of John McCain doing it) would have been treated very differently. But the MSM was more than happy to carry the water they later reported she was so unwilling to drink. (By the way, how annoying was the faux scolding from the press about her not drinking water? Give me a break.)

For an even better example, look at this:

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Why? Why would you do that, CNN? What is a good reason for this? Look how blatant:


They have “racial profiling” in quotes, right below the actual quote that does not include the word “racial.”

This one is just absurd. The CNN screen:

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