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by Sundance

I did not think it would be possible for those who deploy Lawfare to ever exceed the scale of fakery around Witness #8, Rachel Jeantel.  However, there is an irony in this latest Lawfare deployment being pushed by Jonathan Karl and ABC news; because it was also ABC News, via Matt Gutman, who originally pushed the completely fabricated Trayvon Martin ‘ear witness’.

Before getting to the details of the construct, I must point out two issues.  First, this specific narrative, as pushed by a supposed leak from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution unit, just highlights the insane weakness of the Mar-a-Lago document case and how much they will rely on legal fraud and pretense to maintain it.  This is where Judge Cannon will hopefully play a major role.

Second, I must emphasize that Lawfare in its most obvious construct is not a legal approach per se’, it is the intentional manipulation of the legal system to create the optics around information that is intended to be used by media to influence public opinion.

Just like Rachel Jeantel was never any form of witness to the events around Travon Martin and George Zimmerman, so too is this latest deployment entirely fabricated – ABC News pushing both.

As the story is pushed by ABC News, again based on leaks from Special Counsel Jack Smith, supposedly former President Trump’s Chief of Staff has told prosecutors that he does not remember any effort by President Trump about a standing objective to declassify documents.

[…] “former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has told special counsel Jack Smith’s investigators that he could not recall Trump ever ordering, or even discussing, declassifying broad sets of classified materials before leaving the White House.” (see more)

The transparent fabrication of the story is crystal clear.  Whether ABC is playing a role of willful blind idiocy in their effort to support Jack Smith, or whether this is entirely fabricated by the news organization itself is unknown.  What is stunningly clear is that ABC is pushing a storyline that is entirely false, fake and fabricated.

Everyone -including every media outlet, pundit and journalist- knows that for four solid years President Trump intended to, tried to, and demanded the declassification of, tens of thousands of documents.  There are thousands of pundit hours and hundreds of articles written about the fight between President Trump and various agencies of government to declassify and release documents.  This is not a debatable issue.

Just type “declassify” or “declassification” into the search bar of CTH, and you will find hundreds of citations and examples of our discussion as this information and classification battle was waged.  In fact, the transparency of the ABC fraud is so clear, even Axios -while pushing another angle- would not stand with ABC in the specific framework of their lies.  As noted, “Axios has not yet verified ABC News’ reporting on Meadows.”

Much like Bill Barr, Mark Meadows is a self-interested shallow shell of a DC man, steeped in swamp life and preservation therein. We all accept this.  Yet, even with that at the forefront, there’s no way Meadows is going to be stupid enough to say he has no idea about the broad scope of President Trump’s declassification intentions.  Therefore, if this leak to ABC is legitimately based on information from Jack Smith’s team, then the Florida assembled prosecutors are big time desperate.

Additionally, and very importantly, if this is the Jack Smith prosecution approach, then we were 100% correct in our analysis and research of what the documents were in Mar-a-Lago that Main Justice was so desperate to retrieve {Go Deep}.👀

In broad terms, there are two sets of documents that intermingle and are directly related. First, documents that highlight the activity of Hillary Clinton’s team in creating the false Trump-Russia conspiracy theory (2015/2016).  Second, documents that highlight the activity of government officials targeting Donald Trump within the same timeframe (Crossfire Hurricane), that continued into 2017, 2018 and 2019 (Robert Mueller).

Think of the two sets of documents as evidence against two teams working in synergy.  Team one (Clinton) was outside government. Team two (DOJ/FBI) was inside government.  The documents pertain to both groups but are also divided.  That helps to explain the wording of the memo above. (more)

Also, keep in mind former DNI John Ratcliffe was at the center of the latter part of the effort to get those documents released to the public.  Deep State institutional preservation manager Bill Barr was obstructing the release and used Deep State institutional preservation manager John Durham as the investigative block.  To further protect the institutions, the FBI went on a mission to retrieve the documents. Consequently, as soon as the Durham block was going to be removed, the Jack Smith block was put into place.

James Comey, then Robert Mueller, then John Durham, now Jack Smith… these are all institutional silos -that’s one long continuum- created by the DC need to throw a bag over any document releases that would reveal the scale and scope of government corruption.

Keep in mind, as the DNI during 2020, Ratcliffe saw the documents that eventually became the material President Trump declassified and left with the DOJ to release after the Durham investigation was complete.  If Ratcliffe’s suspicions are correct, and there is more valid reason to support his suspicions than oppose them, then the entire construct of the DOJ-NSD operation was to retrieve those documents from Mar-a-Lago and maintain one big cover-up operation.

Ratcliffe suspects the documents are essentially the DOJ and FBI work products, including interviews with ‘sources’ like Igor Danchenko, from their fabricated case against President Trump.  If accurate, the objective of the DOJ/FBI would be to avoid sunlight on their political targeting operation.  This viewpoint makes sense when you consider the DOJ/FBI position was/is that no one should ever be allowed to look at those documents, including the previously appointed Special Master in the original document case, Judge Raymond Dearie.

For ABC to claim that Mark Meadows is unaware of the declassification effort, and for Axios to claim that Mike Pence says he was unaware of any effort by Trump to declassify the documents, is just abject absurdity.

If the special counsel is going to go to court and use this framework as their counter-position to President Trump claiming he declassified all the documents, then the special counsel is stunningly desperate.

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