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● New York Times columnist who called on Al Franken to resign has ‘second thoughts.’

● The Times Is “Torn” About Whether Glenn Thrush Should Lose His Job Over Sexual-Misconduct Allegations.

● ABCNews’ Alleged “Proud Independent” Chief Political Analyst [Matthew Dowd]: There’s a Big Difference Between Rapists and Molesters Working for “The Common Good” (i.e., Progressives) and Those Not Working for the “Common Good” (i.e., Conservatives).

MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweets, “The Kennedys occupy a special place in our national consciousness. JFK had a roguish gallantry. Jackie O had the glamour and pathos of a Hollywood star. RFK had the seeds of goodness and greatness. Teddy chased redemption. Americans love those kinds of narratives.”

Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner responds to Reid:

“Teddy chased redemption.” You can straight up drown a woman, sexually assault a waitress, etc., etc. and *still* be eulogized with this fluffy shit. The #MeToo movement sputters.

As another Twitter user adds, “Teddy chased that redemption right off the road and into the water leaving a woman to drown. But hey, each to their own, right [Joy Ann Reid]?”

And JFK’s own “roguish gallantry” was certainly roguish.


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