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A friend wrote:

One of [the AoSHQ] commenters on Twitter had a really good point yesterday. The media hand-waves this destruction away because these things are “insured”. But that’s not true. The property owners are insured. The shop owners, who mostly lease, usually aren’t. Their inventory isn’t. In face, most of that inventory is purchased with credit. A lot of these people are completely ruined.

I’m told it was kdabear:

Meanwhile, the Sandanista Communist mayor of NYC says that looting will be permitted while church attendance will not be, because expressing racial grievance is an important right, whereas communing with God — not so much, not so much.

Quite a few people are pointing out that the media suddenly has no interest in Crowd Shaming people during These Trying Times of Coronavirus.

It’s a Karen bylaw that you can’t play Karen to black people. Upper Middle Class White People, members of the Managerial Professional Class, Moral Scold Division, can bully other white people, but black people are sacred beings and earthbound angels who cannot be questioned.

So poof! Away goes any pretense of concern about covid.

I mean yeah I know filthy white trust-fund thugs from antifa are in the mix in these things, but the Karen Kommandos know they can bully and shame white people. The fact that they’ve suddenly stopped worrying about transmission in large crowds — or worrying about failing to keep six foot social distancing while looting stores — is due to the Top Karen Dogma of instant deference to any nonwhite Victim. (And all nonwhites are Victims, of course!)

Mollie Hemingway reminds of what the media was saying — just days before they were praising Crowds looting Gucci’s:

That guy was Mask Karening even during the rioting (in which many of the criminals wore masks so they could not be identified, but did not maintain social distancing).

But for most in the media — no more mask shaming!

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