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Thread via DarthCrypto:

Media 2 years ago:
“Putin is bad, #Ukraine is extremely corrupt & leaders are lying scum, neo-nazi Azov militia targets civilians, commits war crimes.”
Media today:
“Putin is badder, Ukraine has the most & honest heroic leaders, Azov freedom fighters are fighting the Rus-Nazis!”
If you cite media from a few years ago (or 9 months below) talking about how Ukraine has such a bad Nazi problem, they actually formally included the Azov batallian as part of their military, which we fund, it means you’re a Putin stan & you LOVE mass baby murder.
Remember how…

…the media decided Trump HAD to be wrong about EVERYTHING? Literally anything he said, the media would argue the opposite position?
Same with Putin. He’s a scumbag murderous dictator, but if he criticizes literal Nazis, it must mean the Nazis are really innocent heroes.
To put it simply… It’s okay to say bad people are sometimes partially right about some things.
Putin, Saddam, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. are examples of dictators. But they were all sometimes right about some things. They all did do some good things.
And that’s okay to say!
Just 5 months ago, Zelensky was problematic because he hadn’t cleaned up the government like he promised, had shady offshore dealings, and put his friends in positions of power they had no qualifications for.
Today, he’s Rambo + Luke Skywalker + Jesus.
In 2020, the Cuomo of Eurasia, Zelensky, was highly criticized for his failures, repeatedly dealing with the oligarchs he promised to eliminate, removing young liberal leaders for aged, corrupt players perpetuating the old ways. The reforms didn’t come.
Just this past April, Zelensky was criticized for deepening relationships with the neo-Nazis of Ukraine. He relied on them for military and political needs, and when given the opportunity to condemn them, he wouldn’t dare.

Just 2 months ago, there was a neo-Nazi match in Kyiv which eclipses the torch lit march the media pretended was the apocalypse in Charlestown.
You still see Bandera Black/Red flags today, NOW, at Pro-Ukranian marches.
Will the media talk about it? Nope

You get the point. These have always been well documented issues that the media won’t just stay silent on today, but they’ll condemn you if you mention it, or how we & Ukraine were the only two UN votes against combating glorification of Nazis.



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