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by Bonchie

The media think you are stupid. That’s probably not a revelation, but it’s being made especially apparent over the last few days following the bombshell release of Hunter Biden’s emails.

Things have progressed quickly since the New York Post dropped its first report showing that Hunter Biden had used his influence to set up a meeting between his father and a Burisma associate. That company was, of course, paying Hunter $50,000+ a month to peddle influence, as has been confirmed by language in the aforementioned emails.

But the matter got far more serious for Joe Biden last night when another email was confirmed real by a participant in the chain. That email showed that the elder Biden was allegedly getting a cut of Hunter’s payoffs from these foreign companies. While the initial corruption was disqualifying enough, this takes it to another level.

Unfortunately, instead of taking this story seriously, our stalwart journalistic institutions are doing their best to bury the story. The problem is that they can’t get their story straight.

First, it was “Russian disinformation,” because that’s the go to, knee jerk reaction to any negative story about a Democrat.

Here’s Adam Schiff pushing the same thing as CNN approvingly nodded along.

To be clear, there is not only zero evidence these emails came from the Russians and are false, there’s overwhelming evidence, including first hand corroboration, that they are absolutely real. Given that, it is untenable that media outlets would push some baseless conspiracy theory about the Kremlin instead of dealing with the real issue here. Joe Biden and his family appear to be gang of corrupt figures who were willing to sell American foreign policy for personal gain.

Yet, when the Post published more information yesterday showing a message exchange between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, the media’s response suddenly changed.

But wait, I thought all this was fake, Russian disinformation? Isn’t it amazing how the excuses constantly shift to fit the narrative? With these messages, the media want to paint the Post as insensitive, so they don’t question the veracity of the text messages involved. Some on the right are also losing it over the publishing of these text messages, missing the entire point, which is that it forces the Biden campaign to admit all this information, including the emails, is real.

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