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by el gato malo

“stop being such a self centered science denier!” said the obviously well adjusted human…
winter is back, and with it the calls for masking coming from all the predicable safety karen quarters of pseudoscience and superstition.
one might wonder how, in the face of the literal proven fraud or nonsensicality in essentially all the studies used to support this made up mitigation it still possesses so many adherents of such striking devotion and durability.
i mean, it’s pretty clear that you will never again in your lifetime be on a commercial airplane where no one is wearing these odd visage vestments despite the fact that pre 2020, unless you were in asia, you had probably never seen anyone on a plane wear one before.
the data for inefficacy is utterly overwhelming (read HERE for summary) for masks (n95 or otherwise) and yet some subset of society appears irretrievably attached to this halloween hilarity of cosplay “caretaking.”
in 2019, everyone, every expert, every agency knew this. the WHO published a large metastudy on it. this was not even really argued anymore.

and yet in 2022, these same people have gone all in on this nonsense NPI as though it were somehow settled science and continue with the intrusive ethical inversions of “your mask protects me” to strip rights and impose duty based on a bunch of charlatanry and scheisterdom.
you’re just going to keep seeing this sort of thing over and over.


it is now a clear addiction in every sense of the word.
the people promulgating it are addicts looking for a mask fix. acceding to them is like having “just a couple drinks” with your alcoholic friend to “help them feel more comfortable.” it is neither aid nor alliance, it’s complicity in self-harm.
masks feel like “safety” to these people in the same manner that submission to authority does. they were likely always somewhat anxious and frightened and agoraphobic and 3 years of being literally terrorized by an abusive relationship with public health has made it far, far worse.
and like so many in abusive relationships, they have become attached to and dependent upon their abusers.
and that can get really, really ugly.

and part of how one helps such people is to assist them in the realization that the abuser is, in fact, abusive and is playing the predator, not the protector.
and to help them see that everything these people say is a lie.

they do not believe this and never did. it was a position of convenience adopted for power and partisan politics. and it contradicted every single thing these people had ever said before.
seriously, try to find ANY of them promoting masks in 2019 or earlier. i’ll wait.

the “science” did not change. it became FAR more clear.
only these people changed. and they did not do it out of concern for you.
the effects for which this was adopted were not about a virus, they were about psychology.
masks create a sense of crisis because they impede human empathy and mirroring which feels alienating and they provide a plain proof, everywhere you look that “things are not normal.” and the more you wear one, the more you must tell yourself that there must be a great crisis ongoing for why else would you be doing this? why would everyone be doing this? the combination of behavioral and herd conditioning is very powerful. it becomes a sort of downspiral and many cannot escape it.
medical professionals and visitors are still being forced to mask in offices and hospitals all over the world. this is a complete nonsense, but it “feels” like doing something and keeps the ideas of “masks are real medical gear” alive.
but did you ever see a doctor (apart from a dentist seeking a splatter guard) do this in their office before 2020?
perhaps more telling, have you seen what doctors are doing when they gather in large groups for conferences right now?
(this just ended yesterday in new orleans. see any masks?)


this whole “doctors wear masks in surgery = proof masks work as source control” argument has been bunk since day one. first off, you’re talking about a highly controlled environment with trained users in fitted masks for short periods. trying to compare that to “3rd grade” is an absurdity. but secondly, the real kicker is this: even then, it doesn’t work.
it’s been studied.

and lest you presume this study to be some sort of outlier gatopal™ federico tackled this head on recently in a wonderful thread about the actual data on masks as source control.

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