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When the United States first went into Afghanistan, we all remember the pictures of women. Really, the only way our Western eyes could tell they were women were by the long blue burqas they wore walking down the street.
In the 20 years that the Taliban were not in control of Afghanistan, things changed. Not a lot, but some.
Women and girls were allowed to work, to go to school, to live their lives. But now, all of that will change too, and not for the better.

‘Long Slow Death’
Veteran reporter and war correspondent Fox News’ Lara Logan has spent years in Afghanistan, and knows all too well the horrors of everyday life for women under the Taliban. She describes it as “a long slow death.”

Since the fall of the Afghan government, and the rise to power once again of the Taliban, there have been many promises to “respect women’s rights,” that they would be “more permissive,” and give broader rights to women than prior to 2001.
A sort of kinder, gentler Taliban.
But there is always that one stipulation, “within the bounds of Sharia Law.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what that means for Afghan women.
Logan describes it this way, “It is a long slow death, if you’re unlucky. If you’re lucky, you’ll just be slaughtered quickly, because that is what life is like for women under the Taliban, a long slow death.”

Second Class Citizens
What will life be like for Afghan women now that they are again at the mercy of the Taliban? Logan interviewed two female Afghan journalists. They have been barred from their newsroom and are in hiding because they are afraid the Taliban will kill them.
Another woman, working as a midwife, dreamed of being a doctor. Not now. Another woman’s parents arranged a marriage for her at the age of 14 so she could move to Canada with her husband and escape the certain brutality of the Taliban.
Logan says she believes based on her extensive time in Afghanistan that the Taliban will show a few token women in occupations, such as doctors, and will allow just enough women and girls to go to school so that the world will think everything is alright.

But it will not be because, as Logan also says, the ideology of the Taliban will not allow for change for women.
There will be a never ending barrage of stories like these. The lives of Afghan women will consist of the possibility of becoming sex slaves, and second class citizens. they are stories that bring a hardened and seasoned reporter like Logan to tears.
She lamented, “It is the end of freedom, it is the end of possibility. It is the end of hope, it is the end of light. It is the end of everything that is good in us.

Where Are The Feminists?
After hearing the reports of how life will now be under the Taliban for women, we sort of need to ask, where are the feminists?
Where are those “champions of women” in the Democrat Party? Where is Democrat Senator Maizie Hirono of Hawaii squawking at men to “just shut up and stand up. Do the right thing?”
The answer is nowhere. None of them are anywhere to be found. If they were, they would have to answer tough questions about a president from their own party who has left the Afghan people in the lurch and more specifically, women in the lurch.

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