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by Ace

There are accusations that Fauci and the CDC have reduced quarantine periods from 10 days to 5 to accommodate industry and to keep entire companies from shutting down.
Almost as if what is claimed to be “The Science” is in fact a hodge-podge of political decisions being made by bureaucrats and their political counterparts, like Ron Klain.
But then, this has been going on since the start of the covid panic. Fauci lied about mask being ineffectual, because he didn’t want lowly civilians buying them up and shorting them for medical professionals. (Surprise! He had it right the first time — they are almost entirely ineffectual, but he didn’t know that when he claimed it.)

He then played game with what would constitute “herd immunity” — 70%? 75%? 85% 90% — and admitted he just made up numbers according to what he believed the public was “ready to hear” or what they would tolerate. When he felt they were “ready to hear” higher numbers, an would tolerate higher numbers, he shifted his target for herd immunity upward.
He admitted this — he admitted that what he claimed to be “The Science” was in fact just a grab-bag of psychological gambits and tactical deceptions intended for maximum manipulative impact on the public.
And yet when you pointed this out, he contacted his palz at the social media companies to censor you.
“Experts” wonder why people don’t believe a ***-damn word coming from their lying mouths, and want to know why.
Why? Why won’t they believe us any longer?
Why do they believe that when we talk about “The Science,” we’re really just hustling them to get them to comply with our policy and political preferences by labeling it “The Science”?
Why do they not trust us about “The Science” any longer?
Well, maybe they should look at the huge repulsive mass of lies they’ve vomited at us for two years for a clue.
Starting with this one:

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