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J. Christian Adams @ PJ Media:

Cleta Mitchell has prepared this comprehensive guide to the IRS abuse of election integrity and Tea Party groups.  It has everything you need to know to understand the legal environment which sprouted this scandal.

An interesting narrative split is developing among the Left.  As Bryan Preston notes, the reliable Praetorian Press Guard, formerly known as JournoList has a plan: condemn the IRS, say Obama had nothing to do with it.

First, get reliably friendly bloggers and columnists on board with a story that focuses attention away from the White House. Then, isolate and target someone who has already become a central figure in the scandal and, more importantly, who does not work directly for the White House. Finally, make it appear as if these reliably friendly bloggers actually take the IRS scandal seriously.

But others, the speech regulators on the Left, must not have been invited to the West Wing meetings with the JournoList members, because groups like Democracy 21 are busy approving of the IRS abuse.

The latest narrative from the speech regulators is that these election integrity groups didn’t deserve status because they were political. Of course that crowd considers folks who disagree with them to be political merely because of the disagreement. Groups like Democracy 21 always proclaim a-political and mainstream status when the truth is anything but.  To Democracy 21, anyone who seeks to help the election process with whom they disagree must be political.

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