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Following last week’s shooting at a high school in south Florida, the requisite liberal responses, were rubber stamped and ready to go.

We’ve heard all of this politically correct, politically expedient nonsense before.

Liberals always seize on such horrific events to make their abject hatred of our 2nd Amendment rights heard, never letting a crisis go to waste. First and foremost, liberals, in their never-ending quest to eliminate our rights, blame the gun, tell us we must do something to “solve the gun problem” and then proceed to place the blame on anything, or anyone other than the slime that pulled the trigger.

People are dying every day at the hands of those who shouldn’t have guns on the streets of some of our nation’s most well-known cities…

And if liberal policies are what’s going to save us all, why are our most dangerous, and deadly cities all being run by liberals, and the very policies they claim are our salvation?

It’s all a bunch of crap, and they know it, but that doesn’t stop them from issuing their inane talking points.

Let’s start with this one…

“It’s time to have a meaningful conversation” about the gun problem in this country.

Right off the bat, I’ll call BULLCRAP on that talking point, because what it IS time for, are some hard, cold truths.

Hard, cold truth number one…there can be NO “meaningful conversation” regarding events like the one last week in south Florida until liberals admit that “gun-free zones” are, in fact, target-rich environments.

Most of the mass murders in this country, over the past few decades, have occurred in the “gun-free zones” liberals both set in place, and are so damned proud of. Why? Because those hell-bent on pulling the trigger, and murdering as many people as possible in as short a period of time as possible, know damned well that in a “gun-free zone,” they won’t be challenged with deadly resistance.

“Meaningful conversation” my ass. What do these namby-pamby liberals think a “meaningful conversation” will do…talk the next such occurrence out of existence?

The next liberal talking point always involves “allocating resources” to pay for this, that and the other thing.

Hard, cold truth number two…you can’t fix this by throwing either money, or government at it…I don’t give a damn how much money or government you want to throw.

Furthermore, liberals are always wanting to throw more government, and more money at the issue toward the absolute wrong things, as in, using taxpayer money and more government to relieve us of our rights, and not one single liberal has ever been able to explain how relieving good people of their rights is going to stop bad people from doing bad things.

Always involved in the mess of liberal talking points after a situation like this, is the blather regarding the “need for more first responders.”

From liberals, this is entirely disingenuous, as liberals have shown a complete lack of respect for, and total lack of support for police officers, but that’s not the only problem I have with their call for “more first responders.”

Hard, cold truth number three…if more first responders is our answer regarding a situation such as the one experienced in south Florida last week…you’re too damned late. First responders…respond…after something has happened…and more of them will not prevent anything from happening.

What is needed is first preventers…not first responders, and if you want to know how to properly “allocate more resources” and properly provide first preventers, just read my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOT partner Diane Sori’s Op-Ed from this morning…her solution is good, blunt spot-on common sense.

Next up in the liberal spewage of sewage…grief counselors.

Every time there’s a horrible event at a school, or damn near anywhere else, liberals always make a big deal out of providing “grief counselors” to work with those who were affected by the event.

Hard, cold truth number four…I understand how kids are going to be shook by such a terrible event…but group therapy sessions with an anonymous “grief counselor” is nothing more than a “village raising a child.”

While we didn’t have these sorts of things, shootings like the one in south Florida back when I was an impressionable kid…from time to time, bad things happened, and we did, indeed, have grief counselors.

We called them by their given titles…mom and dad.

If our precious feeling were hurt, if we were confused by something, and if we were distraught over something…we went to mom and dad, one on one, and we got through it pretty damned well. A big part of the reason we’re seeing more tragedies now than we did back then, is because we’ve allowed a village of idiots raise our children, rather than, as parents, accepting that responsibility ourselves.

Another thing liberals always bring up at times like this, is the old, “if you see something, say something” line of crap.

Hard, cold truth number five…“See something, say something,” only works if the entity you say something to…does something…and apparently the FBI was too damn busy chasing down pretend Russian interference in our elections to do anything about a punk that was on the verge of shooting up a school and murdering 17 people.

“If you see something, say something,” is nothing more than liberals trying to implement a system by which people will constantly spy on, and report their neighbors. Don’t think so? Well, just a day after the mass murder at the high school in south Florida last week, the Broward County Sheriff brought it up in a press conference and used this example…if you’re used to seeing a certain routine from your neighbor, where they come home every Friday with bags of groceries, with bread sticking up out of the bag…but one Friday they come home with bullets instead of bread in their bag…call the police, call the Sheriff, or call the FBI.

How in the hell are you supposed to know there are bullets in the grocery bag rather than bread? Are we now supposed to run to our neighbor’s driveway, wrest the grocery bag from them and dump the contents onto their driveway so as to see what in the hell they came home with, and then call the FBI if there’s a box of ammo?

And what good would it do? The punk that murdered 17 people last week was a time bomb ready to explode, and someone did see something, a posted comment on a YouTube video, and that person did, in fact, alert the FBI.

At that same press conference, when asked about it, the FBI agent in charge admitted that his agency had received the “see something, say something” alert, but were unable to discern who made the comment.

Hard, cold truth number six…You’re better off defending yourself than waiting for the FBI to do it for you.

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