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By Matthew Boose

Joe Biden and his allies have condemned Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election as an attack on democracy, the latest, most extreme violation of our most sacred “norms” by a tyrant and a party of traitors in his thrall.

The Supreme Court, lapsing momentarily out of a state of “illegitimacy” to which it had been corrupted by the appointment of a single conservative justice, made clear how low the Republican Party had sunk when it refused Trump’s Texas lawsuit. It’s clear then: Biden won,  and it’s time for the Trumpers to accept reality.

But all is not lost. In pious speech after pious speech, Biden is making his commitment to “healing” the country very clear. The vanquished will be treated with mercy, not hostility. There is still room in this country for all of us, liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat, white and black.

True “healing,” though, requires compromise. It means acknowledging that both sides are at least legitimate. And it is undeniable now, if it was not before Trump’s presidency, that the Left has no desire to coexist with conservatives. Listen carefully and Biden’s “healing” has an antiseptic resonance. It seems that the task is not to unite a bitterly divided country, but to clear out an infection.

The idea that runs through the Left’s behavior the last four years is simply this: Trump and his supporters are like a disease. They’re illegitimate, immoral, criminal, insane, racists who have no place in America. The Left doesn’t even conceal feeling this way anymore.

What did Trump and his supporters do that was so evil? Their transgression, the unforgivable act, was not against “democracy” but against the Left and their rules, most of all that holiest of “norms” which says that conservatism can only exist as controlled opposition. For the Left, this is an unquestionable article of faith. This is why they hate Trump so passionately: unlike the Republican Party, Trump at least gave them a hard time. His rise was an assertion of will by a part of the country that got sick and tired of being despised, when the accepted norm is that they are supposed to celebrate being despised. They dared to say no to the Left and the Left’s plans to transform America.

How did the Left respond? By working constantly to destroy a democratically elected president by any means necessary, while attacking his supporters daily as subhuman scum who deserve to be chased out of society. Now they want to be friends and have us all accept the “peaceful transfer of power.”

What is so extreme about believing that countries should have borders, that people can’t choose their gender, that elections should have rules? The Left talks about normal, decent people who believe what the average person readily accepted as true until roughly 2014 like they are beyond the pale. They constantly raise the spectre of a dangerously out of bounds radical Right that is pushing America’s “norms” to the limit.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are in this factional crisis because the Left backed the rest of America into a corner with psychotic nonsense. President Trump is their creation.

There’s a reason that the Left sweetens their agenda with lies: if the American people had a chance to appraise it honestly and fairly, they would reject it. The Left is very careful to not let this happen. They dismiss anyone who questions leftist orthodoxy at a given moment in time as a dangerously insane “conspiracy theorist.” They censor and harass dissenters and get them fired from their jobs. While the Left tells America to fear the Proud Boys, everyone silently acknowledges that cities would be on fire right now if this election had gone differently. Not satisfied with Trump’s defeat, whether Trump should be made into a political prisoner is held up by the Left as a matter of serious, fraught debate, rather than the vengeful reflex that it clearly is.

Trump supporters may have to atone as well for the crime of defending themselves against a vicious opposition that wants to disenfranchise them and transform America’s political institutions, culture, and ethnic makeup by force. Biden wants to immediately pass an amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants: a naked power grab, and surely not the last.

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