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A nutso doomsday report is apparently influencing the Left’s preparations for Election Day. This likely will not end well for anyone.

The progressive initiative Fight Back Table has built a coalition of more than 50 left-wing organizations to prepare for the 2020 election, including mapping out numerous contingency plans, the Daily Beast reports.

Lately, there has been disagreement among the collective, which includes Planned Parenthood, the Service Employees International Union, MoveOn, and the Working Families Party, over whether they should keep their work in the shadows. The camp that believes the consortium should go public with its Election Day fears and contingencies has been “bolstered” by the release of a completely bonkers white paper produced by a group known as the Transition Integrity Project, whose members include John Podesta, Jennifer Granholm, Donna Brazile, Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and David Frum.

Formed in 2019, the Transition Integrity Project’s 22-page document, titled “Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition,” sketches out completely insane election scenarios, including one where President Trump invokes the Insurrection Act to maintain an illegitimate claim to the White House.

Remember: This report is not just known to the 50 left-wing organizations operating under the aegis of Fight Back Table. It also is reportedly informing how some of them are preparing for Election Day.

“The potential for violent conflict is high,” reads the white paper. The word “violence” appears 15 times in the document; “chaos” nine times; “unrest” three times; and “crisis” 12 times.

It goes on to detail the results of simulations based on possible election outcomes, including a landslide victory for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Biden winning only narrowly, and Trump again winning the Electoral College but losing the popular vote.

The simulations show the Trump campaign was “consistently more ruthless than Team Biden.” The document claims that to maintain power, the Trump administration may disseminate manipulated classified information, selectively release “classified documents for political purposes, fueling manufactured rumors,” freeze the “assets of individuals and groups the president determines to be a threat,” and restrict “internet communications in the name of national security.”

The white paper also asserts the president may “rely on surrogates to embed operatives inside protests to encourage violent action.” Trump may also “mobilize a range of law enforcement actors … who might, without proper training or if led by politicized actors, escalate matters.”

One simulation shows the Trump campaign “succeeded in invoking the Insurrection Act and sending active-duty military troops into U.S. cities to ‘restore order,’ ‘protect’ voting places, or confiscate ‘fraudulent’ ballots.”

Another simulation shows Attorney General William Barr “order[ing] the seizure of mail-in ballots to ensure that vote counting would stop.” The people running the scenarios also said there is “quite a bit of speculation that Trump might himself initiate a foreign crisis shortly after the election or during the transition, perhaps to change the media narrative.”

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