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A few days ago, actress Ellen Page publicly blasted actor Chris Pratt for his membership in an “infamously anti lgbtq” church. The comment sparked a week’s worth of backlash against Pratt, who eventually issued a statement denying the charges of homophobia. In reality, Hillsong, the church Pratt attends along with Justin Bieber and some of the Kardashian clan, is far from doctrinally traditionalist. If it’s “infamous” for anything, it’s certainly not social conservatism. When Page attacks Pratt for attending an “infamously anti lgbtq” church, she’s really just attacking him for attending any church at all.

The same can be said about the recent criticisms of Karen Pence, who experienced significant blowback for getting a job at a Christian school. It was claimed that her school is “homophobic” and “anti-gay” simply because it professes Biblical views on sexuality. There are, of course, many other examples of Christians being targeted by the Left for holding Christian beliefs, or attending Christian churches or schools, or attempting to operate their businesses according to Christian precepts. These assaults by the Left are almost always painted as a defense of LGBT people, who are allegedly deeply harmed by the very existence of Christian institutions and Christian ideas. But this is all a smokescreen.

The anti-Christian attacks have little to do with gay rights. How else do you explain the fact that the Left never subjects Muslims to this sort of scrutiny? The orthodox forms of all three Abrahamic religions all share the same fundamental view on human sexuality. They all three say that sex and marriage are to be reserved for man-woman relationships. They all three believe that procreation cannot be severed absolutely from the sexual act. Two men cannot get married in a conservative Christian church, but neither can they marry in an orthodox synagogue or a mosque.

We must also note that majority Muslim countries are, to borrow a phrase, infamously anti-LGBT. Sometimes, depending on the country, those anti-gay sentiments are expressed through violence and legal persecution.

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