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Obviously support for the sham investigation into the non-riot of January 6th is driven by politics. Any chance the Democrat-Media complex gets to stick a knife (preferably in the back) into President Trump and his supporters is too tempting to resist.
But the cringe-worthy tear-fest that the Democrats orchestrated turned off even some of their reliable supporters, as America saw that the proceedings were going to be long on emotion and very short on facts.
Poll Reveals Jan 6 Committee Cry Babies Undermined Support for Their Own ‘Investigation’.

Support for the House probe has been steadily declining among voters affiliated with all political parties. In June, the poll registered 66 percent support for the Jan. 6 investigation. Last week support fell to 58 percent. After the Capitol Police testimony of this past week, support amongst American voters fell to 53 percent.

The politics is a given, but the mandarins in Washington who live in an all-encompassing bubble of high security, compliant media, toadying lobbyists, the best tables at the best restaurants at the snap of a finger and hundreds of other perks that they have come to believe is some sort of twisted “droit du seigneur,” were shocked to discover that their enclaves were not safe from the people who actually own them!
And that made them afraid.
Thus the ridiculous over-reaction of the Democrat hierarchy to what could have been considered a silly populist gesture and downplayed for political gain.

Did they orchestrate it? Possibly. Probably in part. But it got out of hand, with more people than expected, and their comfortable and safe cocoons were revealed to be closer to the great unwashed than they thought. And they can’t have mere citizens anywhere near their great halls of power! Because it was a stark reminder of the origins of this country.
The Boston Tea Party: Tax us without representation and we will destroy the goods meant to be taxed.
Lexington and Concord: Come take our guns and we will kill you.
The Battle of Trenton: We’ll cross an icy river and kill you in your sleep. On Christmas!
Perhaps America has lost the spirit that animated its founders, but the January 6th protest was a hint of may still live in our hearts.

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