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Since you asked, and I love your work, I’ll tell you.
This is a professional political attack. Three waves one right after the other is not a coincidence. Good spacing, good timing, so it’s absolutely professional.
But who was it you ask?
That takes some digging but…
The video compilation of Rogan saying the n-word was dropped by @patriottakes 6 days ago. You see the video in the tweet in pic 1, and patriottakes takes credit for “republishing” the information in pic 2.
That they take credit is important and you’ll see why shortly…
As you can see in their bio, @patriottakes is partnered with @MeidasTouch.
And this is where it gets interesting.
Who is Meidastouch?
Well, they are a professional political organization. In fact, they are a Democrat “Super PAC” (more on that in a moment) run by 3 brothers

Ben, Brett, and Jordan Meisales.
All of them have worked in media and have expertise in understanding and manipulating Media.
The most important thing for us is that Brett was a social media manager for Ellen Degeneres, and is an expert editor. Which matter because…
@patriottakes works with @MeidasTouch, and I’d say it’s a safe bet that given their expertise in social media management that the n-word video was created by Meidastouch.
MeidasTouch is a Super PAC.
Well, what’s a super PAC you ask?

A Super PAC is political advocacy group with a special twist: “super PACs may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.” (

This means that a Super PAC can take in unlimited amounts of money, and then spend however they want politically.
Meidastouch is a SuperPAC. They can take in as much cash as they want. 4.7 million for the 2020 cycle and 1.5 Million for the 2022 cycle to be exact.
To recap: Meidastouch, a SuperPAC which can collect as much cash as it wants from pretty well anywhere, and is a professional strategy and media firm run by people with deep ties in entertainment, likely had a hand in the n-word video @patriottakes used to attack Joe Rogan…
So the question is….why?
Why are they doing this, and what do they have to gain?
I think a clue can be found in the letter @patriottakes wrote about all of this.
Look at that highlighted part. What does that tell you??? What does that look like to you????

Patriottakes is bragging about their millions of views and how they made the video the center of the national conversation.
They are bragging about their CLOUT
Rogan is the one guy the leftists can’t cancel. If a group could cancel Rogan it would be a MASSIVE show of power
Woke people and legacy media groups have been trying to cancel Rogan for ages because he steals their audience and doesn’t play by their rules.
Rogan also offers his enormous platform to people like Jordan Peterson that woke progressives in media circles really don’t like…
The group that takes out Rogan would gain a lot of clout and a **lot** of power.
The group that can say “we cancelled Rogan. If we can get him, we can get you too,” would be able to swing a very large stick.
And that’s what this is ultimately about, it’s a play for power.
In short, Meidastouch is a political SuperPAC that is very likely behind the @patriottakes account. They’re attempting a viral hit on Joe Rogan so they can take him out both because they don’t like him and because they want monetizeable clout for having done so…
So @andrewschulz that’s whose behind this.
The question is, what can we do about it?
If every person who Joe helped out said “we are with him and we will tell our audiences to cancel Spotify if they cancel Joe” this would be over in a day.
The next thing…
If everyone won’t stand up, we need brave people to lead organic pushback.
@BretWeinstein has been doing this with his “thanks Joe Rogan” hashtag

It needs to be made clear to Spotify that if they cave they will pay a significant cost.
We have to make that clear.
They need to pay a cost for this.
If we can do those things I think we can protect a guy who has done so much for so many.
PS – Just in case anyone still thinks the attack on Rogan was organic, we have pre-made scripts out there about cancelling Rogan, and they’re the same word for word. That ain’t organic Down pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand index
PPS- Meidastouch absolutely advises and works with Patriottakes, and by their own admission meidastouch helps patriottakes with strategy, building and boosting their fundraising profile.
This is all professional, and so was the hit on Rogan.




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