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By J.B. Shurk

The race is on!  The Great Resetters who want an America of servile citizens willing to eat bugs, obey commands, accept fuel rationing, and own nothing have put the pedal to the metal in their nefarious plans to usher in worldwide communism for the masses and perpetual wealth, power, and privilege for the Schwab-Obama-Soros axis of evil (SOS, America, we’re in distress!).  What had been a slow and long march through the institutions these last hundred years has taken on such urgency today that the communists have scurried out of their usual hiding places in the shadows to prance around before us in broad daylight!
What could have triggered the Marxists to metamorphose from methodical societal saboteurs into outright commie colonizers almost overnight?  In a word — Trump.  One minute, the America-destroyers were in total control of the Republican and Democrat-ish Parties, and America’s Uniparty was in full lockstep, marching mechanically to the globalist order’s tyrannical little tune.  And the next minute — bam! — Trump came out of nowhere, dashed their certain triumph, and deflated their celebratory balloons (filled with hot air and boasting, “Congratulations on your New World Order”).  The global “elite” thought the man descending a golden escalator would be the perfect foil to launch Hillary into the White House with such an electoral landslide that the World Economic Forum’s global socialism would get the mandate it needed to subdue America once and for all, and then, to their horror, it turned out that Trump was an America-loving patriot and brawler nobody had seen in the political arena for generations.
The international communists were taking victory laps before the 2016 election, while Donald Trump was busy dipping his wrapped fists in hot resin and broken glass before throwing deadly Dambe blows at both Hillary Clinton and the corrupt D.C. Establishment that has nourished and maintained her.  Remember when Trump held a pre-debate press conference with several Clinton survivors who had credibly accused Bill of rape and Hillary of destroying their lives?  Up to that point, nobody had dared to tell the truth to the Clintons’ faces or dared to challenge the Pravda media’s decades-long cover-ups for the Clintons’ unhinged lies.  When the “outsider” Trump entered the ring, he didn’t know he was supposed to take a dive in the second round, after giving the people a few minutes to blow off steam and cheer.  He went for the knockout, declaring war on the “enemy of the people” media, the wretchedly wicked Clintons, and the whole filthy, fetid Establishment that gives them power still today.  Hoo-boy, someone…finally…was fighting back!  He came out swinging and didn’t stop until the bruised and bloody Uniparty limped off into a corner.  (Lesson learned: Never let the Uniparty limp away!)
There are moments in history that function as gate hinges that swing humanity into the next era.  Much will be written in the future about the avalanche of chaos today — the central bankers’ inflationary debt bombs, the climate cultists’ covert communism, the global health bureaucrats’ malevolent use of the Great China Virus to crush individual liberty and drop a pandemic Iron Curtain of surveillance and control around citizens’ lives, and the World Economic Forum’s Malthusian efforts to Build Back Better totalitarianism on a global scale.  The triggering event for all these diabolical plans coming to a head right this moment, however, was when American voters went to the polls in 2016 and said, “No more.”  When Donald Trump won the presidency, he kicked the gate leading to the next historical era wide open.  That shocked the hell out of the calculating resetters patiently conquering the world.  They could not allow Americans’ unexpected “awakening” to ripple across the world like a MAGA boulder heaved into a globalist pond, and they have been waging deadly smash-mouth political war against those who dare to think for themselves ever since.  Nobody said the Trump Era would be a walk in the park, after all.  When you open the gate to a playground filled with murderers and tyrants, you’ve got to watch your six and play for keeps.  (That’s another bit of education whose lesson has been painfully steep.)
How have the Great Reset’s dung beetles reacted to Americans’ first salvo against their global domination?  Well, let’s see.  A necrotically corrupt FBI illegally spied upon Trump and then illegally covered up its crimes by pretending that Hillary’s Russia collusion lies were grounded in some kind of truth.  A politically compromised DOJ handcuffed the Trump administration with a Mueller Inquisition desperate to create criminal culpability out of thin air.  The permanent bureaucratic Deep State (millions strong and all part of the Democrats’ Borg-ed hive mind) illegally countermanded executive authoritysabotaged the Trump administration from within, and colluded with enemies — foreign and domestic — to take down a sitting president.  The U.S. Congress turned a Ukraine corruption scandal covered with Joe Biden’s fingerprints into the first of two insidious impeachments against Trump.  And when it appeared that the besieged MAGA president was still going to win re-election in a landslide (he did win well over ten million more votes than in his first victory), a “well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” used the China Virus to implement illegal, unsecured, and anonymous mail-in balloting and ballot drop boxes in Democrat-controlled strongholds in battleground states.
Oh, and just to bring the hammer crashing down on any Trump voters willing to object to this rather obvious imposition of State corruption, anyone protesting the 2020 Vote Steal has been either persecuted, locked up in the D.C. Gulag, censored by the social media and news corporations in bed with the government, had their professional licenses threatened, or had their savings destroyed.  Those who still refused to “get the message” (slow learners, aren’t we?) have gotten second helpings of Stasi punishment during COVID’s coming-out party for Western totalitarianism.  Surprise!  The World Economic Forum, sponsored by the Obama-Biden dictatorship and their propagandistic friends in the press, would like to award you with a free set of chains to keep you in check for the rest of your days.  (Fine print: The cost of your chains will be taken out of your future forced labor.)
There’s only one (gigantic) problem.  All this gross, over-the-top State thuggery has awakened a ton of Americans to the endemic corruption and evil around them.  Propaganda is powerful when it wafts over citizens like a puff of smoke growing until it blankets all you see.  When people know that the fog around them is filled with the government’s lies, however, well, Katy bar the door — there’s trouble coming!
Right now, there is nothing that the government says out loud that the people trust or believe.

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