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Doug Ross:

No sooner had word of the diabolically evil massacre in Aurora reached the airwaves than liberals began to exploit it politically. Waiting not even a day for the families to grieve, the likes of The Chicago Sun-TimesThe New York Daily NewsThe New York Times, mayor Michael Bloomberg and the philandering race-baiter Jesse Jackson swung into action.

Their mission: to politicize the debate and gain some purchase for their long-discredited argument that preventing the law-abiding from defending themselves with firearms would prevent gun violence.

But consider the irony of residents of New York City and Chicago issuing screeds for more gun control. Both cities enforce draconian (and unconstitutional) bans on the right to keep and bear arms. And both cities are awash in gun violence, despite their myriad gun control measures:

• Every week in Chicago, criminals kill, maim and wound the guilty and innocent alike. Last month, over a single weekend, 8 were shot to death and more than 40 wounded.

• New York City is likewise awash in “illegal” guns as criminals have no problem acquiring them; this July has seen a28% rise in city shootings since last year.

And for those liberals who believe that it is only the fact that neighboring areas — with more lax gun control policies — are responsible, consider the following attacks:

• In Sweden, a neo-Nazi slaughtered 92 innocents; Sweden is a country that effectively bans guns (as do its neighbors);

• One victim of the Aurora attack, Jessica Ghawi, had narrowly survived a mass shooting in a Canadian mall in which two died and seven others were wounded. Canada greatly restricts access to firearms and, to the best of my knowledge, Eric Holder has not yet attempted to smuggle heavy weapons into that country.

Can you ban guns? Of course not: firearms and gunpowder have been manufactured for centuries and any half-decent machine shop could manufacture semi- or fully-automatic weapons.

Can you ban mass-murder? Of course not: the Aurora murderer — who I refuse to name — could have detonated a gasoline bomb in the crowded theater. Islamist terrorists manufacture suicide belts and recommend driving cars into crowds.

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