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NY Times’ new boss mocked over this sexy ‘French girls’ photo spread

The resulting, perhaps unintentional, erotica — featuring enough arched-back, pointed toe and come hither gaze to make pinup pioneers Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe proud — might just drive foot fetishists everywhere into a frenzy, as well.

The glowing feature ran alongside a photo spread of Kahn, 57, including a now widely-mocked image — on social media, of course — showing the well-dressed but shoeless Gray Lady boss in repose, sinuously stretched across a pricey Asian rug on the floor of his regal, mahogany-trimmed Fifth Avenue home office, beside his Chinese-lettered coffee mug and a morning read — the Times, of course.

Needless to say, the stocking-feet portrait hyping the “new, old school” exec editor “relaxing with the paper,” as it’s captioned, was a baffling choice. Readers noted as much online — while drawing a number of comparisons to “Zoolander,” as well as the iconic image of “Seinfeld” character George Costanza posed alluringly in only socks and undies on a fainting couch.

More at the NY Post

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