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By Steve Cortes

We deplorables will focus and fight, even with potential election setbacks including unfortunate dodges by courts and certifications of tainted votes by feckless state leaders in swing states. We must recognize the reality of what has transpired and then quickly ascertain the best affirmative path forward for the future of the America First movement.

Whatever unfolds in the coming weeks, the first decision involves firmly rejecting defeatism. Yes, the 2020 process has been wholly corrupted. If Joe Biden is sworn-in as president in five weeks, this electoral larceny emanates from two primary sources of distortion.

The first fraud commenced with crooked state officials leveraging the China Virus pandemic as cover to institute massive, illegal, and unconstitutional pollutions of voting procedures. These perversions of the process resulted in inexplicable late-night halts to ballot counting followed by statistically inconceivable vote spikes for Biden, plus massive amounts of verifiable fraud.

The second attack on election integrity leveraged the massive powers of US intelligence community alumni, corporate media, and Big Tech.

When the biggest story of the entire campaign broke via the New York Post in October, these powerful groups flagrantly conspired to conceal the truth of the Chinese Communist Party funneling millions of dollars to the Biden Cartel, including credible, corroborated evidence that Joe Biden himself benefitted as the “big guy.”

Potent establishment overlords like former CIA Director John Brennan, CNN chief Jeff Zucker, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey largely succeeded in discrediting, ignoring, and burying this bombshell story. Indeed, the very same people obsessed over a Trump-Russia election “collusion” fantasy for years showed no compunction in openly, callously colluding themselves to manipulate the 2020 election.

But, despite such malfeasance, our movement cannot devolve into a despondency of prattling lamentations.

To be sure, many events of recent weeks understandably dispirit patriotic Americans, and the threats to our Constitution and way of life are very real, indeed. But we deplorables must also recognize that we fight decades of institutional rot in American society. The Left has deftly played the long game, successfully co-opting key levers of influence in America – from legacy media to academia to entertainment. Accordingly, we cannot reasonably expect a quick and uninterrupted one-way ascendancy for our American restoration.

The ruling classes benefitted mightily from the pre-2016 constructs of globalism and cultural nihilism, and they will clearly not gracefully cede power. If the permanent political class succeeds in illegitimately installing Joe Biden as president, our side cannot submit to a pessimism that is unworthy of our great cause.

Specifically, here are three approaches to sustain and accelerate the populist-nationalist American renaissance:

1. Keep Fighting.

In actual courtrooms and in the court of public opinion, the coming weeks should be busy for litigators as well as shapers of public opinion as we continue to contest the systemic scams perpetrated in the November 3rd plebiscite.

Even if our efforts cannot prevent a Biden inauguration at high noon on January 20th, our activity now sets the stage for the coming years of resurgence.

President Trump should not, in any fashion, dignify this electoral Biden-Harris theft.

In addition, we must rally to win the Georgia US Senate runoffs. Many Peach State nationalists are rightly aghast at the behavior of their state Republican officials, but handing control of the US Senate to Chuck Schumer would only punish America, not gutless officeholders like Brad Raffensperger.

We cannot risk a Democrat-controlled senate legislating radical secular changes such as court-packing, open-borders, and statehood for Washington D.C.

2. China-Biden Special Counsel.

Even complicit mainstream media outlets now acknowledge the very real criminal jeopardy of Biden family members – conveniently after the election, mind you. Strong evidence implicates Joe Biden himself as a participant and beneficiary of these treasonous dirty-money schemes.

As such, President Trump, as guardian of our national security, must protect America from a potential commander-in-chief who is compromised by America’s most dangerous enemy: the Chinese Communist Party.

If inaugurated, Biden will enter office under a dark cloud of intrigue that requires the full investigative scrutiny of an independent prosecutor.

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