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Yahoo! News led off the July 4th weekend with gleeful reporting that Special Counsel Jack Smith is readying an “additional 30 to 45 charges” against President Trump, and apparently some of his allies who challenged the 2020 election results, to accompany the 37 counts already brought against Trump last month, which has already belly-flopped in the public eye exactly as I had predicted weeks ago.

This time, Smith looks like he’s going to drag Rudy Giuliani into the fray to humiliate someone widely perceived as a hero for his role in the response to 9/11 and further discourage any lawyers of sound mind to participate in efforts to secure our broken system of elections that selects whoever the power brokers choose.  It is possible that groveling before the bar of a given state and recanting sincerely held beliefs may be suitable penance for getting around such contrived charges, but in the event an attorney holds to his or her guns, it appears they may face the corrupt judicial leviathan head-on.

If Smith and company from the dark empire represent America’s Wile E. Coyote, and Trump is our Roadrunner, as the latter has proven time and time again, then what is my read on these “additional 30 to 45 charges?” Here are three key takeaways:

I.          The First 37 Charges Didn’t Do The Trick

            After years of Russia, Russia, no one gives a rat’s ass what the corrupt federal government wants to do to stop Donald Trump.  The people only see the world and nation crumbling (or burning) all around them and remember four short years ago when the economy was humming, world peace was on the horizon, and mean tweets were all people had to worry about in the morning.

Smith will once again find out why I have long considered “Teflon Don” to be my favorite nickname for Trump – nothing sticks to him, and it never has.  Lest you’ve forgotten, Trump won the 2016 election a month after the audio tape that was supposed to sink him with female voters dropped.  If that didn’t do it, then nothing will.

II.         Smith Has to Shake Things Up

            Judge Aileen Cannon hasn’t recused herself from the Trump matter, and the feds seem worried Trump will get a fair shake in South Florida, with a jury made up of anti-communists who don’t want to replicate what they left in their new homes.  These charges may be filed in a new jurisdiction and will most certainly be used in the press to add on to a soaring total of charges for shock value, just the like the pathetic deaths ticker used by the media during the COVID scare coverage.

The charges against Trump were supposed to flatline him with the GOP electorate heading into primaries, and in turn, boost Ron DeSantis to the catbird seat.  If the first shockwave of charges didn’t take him down, how will trumped-up charges of lesser, more obviously politically motivated severity do the job?  In fact, it will only make the electorate observe the favoritism of the government on display as they ignore obvious spies and go after former Presidents and other political opponents, leading us to the all-important third point:

III.        Trump Will Soar to Record Highs in All Polling

This latest lurch, if history is any indicator, will all but seal the deal with primary voters, if that isn’t already a done deal as things stand today.

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