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Ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith expected to plead guilty in Durham investigation

A former lawyer with the FBI plans to plead guilty Friday to falsifying a key document related to surveillance against a onetime Trump campaign associate as part of a deal with U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Kevin Clinesmith, who worked on both the Hillary Clinton emails investigation and the Trump-Russia inquiry, will admit that he falsified a document during the bureau’s targeting of Carter Page, according to multiple reports. Clinesmith, 38, claimed in early 2017 that Page was not a source for the CIA when he actually was — a falsehood used to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act renewal against Page.

Attorney General William Barr had hinted at a “development” in Durham’s investigation during a Fox News interview on Thursday night. Clinesmith’s lawyer did not immediately return the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

Clinesmith is not directly named in Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, but it is clear he is the “Office of General Counsel attorney” who had been acting in response to a question by an FBI agent who was part of the team investigating the Trump campaign.

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