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“If and when Fetterman is finally forced to submit to the inevitable and resign from the seat he’s not mentally and physically fit to hold, it’s going to be Gisele Fetterman, the “activist,” who’s appointed to the seat by PA’s partisan-hack Dem Gov. Shapiro.”
You know by now that Pennsylvania’s junior senator, in every way imaginable save for physical size, is now on the shelf and will spend the next month in the hospital, having been diagnosed with “clinical depression.”
John Fetterman collapsed, or at least complained of being “lightheaded,” during a Feb. 8 retreat with his Democrat senatorial colleagues and was admitted to George Washington University Hospital.
That was supposedly just a minor setback as Fetterman recovers from the stroke he suffered last May, a debilitating event that has rendered him clearly incapable of doing his job as a senator.
And everyone knew that this was going to happen. At least, everyone who had the slightest amount of information on his medical condition.
So it was absolutely no surprise that a few days after leaving GWU, Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed National Medical Center on a “voluntary basis” after he was evaluated by the attending physician of the U.S. Congress, Dr. Brian P. Monahan. Monahan told Fetterman he needed inpatient care.
And we found out last week, after Fetterman was tucked away at Walter Reed, that he’d suffered from depression “off and on throughout his life” and that it had become “severe” in the weeks following his 51–46 victory over Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania’s Senate race last November.
Fetterman’s cognitive state was on clear display in the days leading up to that election, but, of course, by the time he put on a catastrophic, disqualifying performance in the one debate with Oz that the public was afforded, some 700,000 votes had already come in through Pennsylvania’s ruined electoral process.
And the legacy corporate press had fraudulently proclaimed Fetterman in fine fettle, despite the obvious fact that he was unfit to serve. One reporter willing to do her job, NBC News’ Dasha Burns, noted that when the closed-captioning device he relied on to answer her on-camera questions was turned off, Fetterman didn’t have a clue what she was asking him. Burns told the truth — John Fetterman couldn’t communicate normally with other people as a result of that stroke he suffered last May.
But oh, when she said that, she was vilified. As Jonathan Tobin noted in Newsweek, the leftist shills in the corporate media tore into her like there was no tomorrow.

The Atlantic and Vogue contributor Molly Jong-Fast called Burns’ comments “B.S.”
New York Magazine’s Rebecca Traister and Kara Swisher, of Vox and New York Magazine, agreed, arguing that Fetterman was just fine and claims to the contrary must evince journalistic misconduct. Even “Today” TV host Savannah Guthrie, an NBC colleague of Burns’, seemed to attack her credibility.
Armed with such testimonials, Gisele Fetterman, the candidate’s wife, not only demanded that NBC apologize, but even asserted there should be “consequences” for Burns.

Oh, wait — did someone mention Gisele Fetterman? Her role in this fiasco of a fraud shouldn’t be overlooked.
Let’s remember who this woman is — a Brazilian who came to America illegally, found a way to jump the line and get a green card, ultimately became a citizen, and has been an “activist” for leftist causes ever since, which was how she pen-palled her way into a relationship and marriage to Fetterman. There’s a certain Lady MacBeth aspect to her, in that she more than anyone else knew what her husband was and still insisted on running him for the Senate, and now somehow she’s pining for sympathy from a defrauded public for his plight.
And there was also this…

One certainly respects the fact that fellow humans in medical need would prefer privacy, but things take on a considerably different tone when the individual in question is one of the 100 most powerful legislative officials in the entire human race.
Especially when it was a lack of transparency — to be charitable, because let’s face it, Team Fetterman spent months outright lying about just how severe his condition was in the run-up to that election and the time beyond it — which made his private health situation a public matter in the first place.
So no — if you’re a politician, nobody cares about your problems. Our problems take precedence over yours in a constitutional republic, which this is supposed to be (and which your author, even if it makes me a lone voice screaming in the wilderness, insists upon it being). And one of our problems is that you defrauded Pennsylvania’s moronic voters to win that election.
Team Fetterman and their friendly cabal of liars in the corporate media went so far as to smear as “ableists” people who pointed out that John Fetterman couldn’t do his job as a U.S. senator, as though having no ability to converse with his Senate colleagues or staff in anything regular people would recognize as a normal way was somehow not an impairment for so lofty a position. If pointing out that this emperor had no clothes is “ableist,” then at this point “ableism” shouldn’t be considered a bad thing.

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