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By Kurt Schlichter

It’s weird that our elite betters of eliteness and betterness refuse to acknowledge that the emperor not only forgot to dress himself today but that he’s actively drooling. Check out President Asterisk trying to figure out who the Secretary of Defense is. Not that SecDef is an important job anymore or anything. His gig now is mostly to rid the ranks of extremists who don’t think men can change into women through the power of activists demanding everyone else pretend they can. But still, the president ought to, you know, know who he is.

It would be nice to have a CINC who isn’t manifestly senile. Which * is. And it matters – right now we have an alleged president who might start WWIII by pressing the wrong button thinking it’s his remote and that he’s changing channels from Matlock to Murder, She Wrote.

I’ve never been much taken by the threat that, “History will judge you harshly!” It’s one of those hacky flexes by people who don’t actually believe that history is a thing – at least not before 1619, or maybe when Obama got crowned – that is along the same line of lame rhetoric as the “Have you no decency/principles/honor?” move employed by people who inevitably have no decency/principles/honor. Who cares what history thinks? It’s impossible to give a damn what people today think, much less future people jetting around in flying cars and munching on Soylent Green. But history will totally judge our garbage elite harshly for pretending that Señor Sundowner has still got his “A” game instead of his “R” one.

We now have an entire media blissfully watching Dictator Demento stagger about with a trail of spit stretching from his piehole, pretending he’s George Washington wrapped up with Abe Lincoln and Tommy Jefferson on top. Wait, they’re all racist monsters now, right? Sorry to trigger the weak-minded among you. Okay, well, just assume some other analogy that doesn’t make simps literally shake.

You’d think they might mention that the guy is manifestly in decline, since we all see it. But they won’t. It’s bizarre. No, the emperor’s new clothes are fantastic. Look at that tailoring on his bib!

They are so serene in their sense of entitlement to our attention and obedience that they feel no shame in telling you stuff that is obviously, indisputably untrue – and if you point out the reality, then you’re an insurrectionist of insurrection or something.

This is an increasingly common ploy by the trash ruling caste that controls our culture. They lie to your face then get irate when you point out how they are lying to your face, as if the real crime is not accepting the bullSchiff as opposed to bullSchiffing you. It happens all the time.

The prezzy is totally not senile.

Men can become women. Women can become men. They can be both, or neither.

Global warming is totally a thing that will kill us all in 2000, I mean 2005, I mean 2010, I mean 2015, I mean 2020, I mean shut up, racist.

Systemic racism is a thing, and you’re even more racist by denying you’re racist.

Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham are funny and sexy.

Now, this tactic presents some problems in the long term. In the short term, brazen lies can work because Americans are nice people and they are not used to people just outright lying to them, so they scratch their heads and wonder if they are missing something even though what they are being fed seems all wrong. But they catch on eventually, and lies upon lies breeds cynicism. And cynicism is bad for liars in the long term because it decreases their ability to fool people since people soon assume that they are fibbing every time they open their lie-holes.

Nobody trusts the elite, and no one should. It’s taken any claim to our trust and laid waste to it like Brian Stelter, who is a potato, lays waste to a Golden Corral ham tray. When the withered old zombie all the smart people claim won the election from the padded basement where his handlers locked him starts up one of his inane-o-logues, we all tune out long before his orderlies drag him away to be fed mush and Thorazine.

So, how does this go? How does this all play out?

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